I opened my second PACK of cards. YEAHH!!

3 months ago
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Good evening everyone from the community!

I want to share here that it was really a battle to gather these 10k Starbits to buy this pack, I was farming missions exhaustively, by mobile and computer, so I got my first Instrument. Yeahh!

I made the purchase using Starbits (10 thousand) and the cards that came were:

20211024 2.png

  1. R88 Marching Drum 👉 50 luck
  2. 41 Jerome 👉 15 skill
  3. t6 Cheap Car 👉 10 fans

Now that I also got lvl 15 as I do as missions I accumulate "EGO" and need to do as skill missions, which causes more delay not to accumulate more starbits, but I'm committed to being able to buy my next pack of cards.

I will continue on the Journey to be a rock star and be a new rise haha!


If you want to play, enter through the following links, I would love to have you as a friend.🤩🤩



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Pizza Bike.png


Parabens mano, abriu o segundo pack, que venha os próximos!