Hive Open Mic Week Number #116 Siyamak Abbasi - Far Lover | Cover | By: @arman10

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Hello to the friends at hive open mic
community and hello to you dear friends of artists, musicians and singers who learn a lot from you and your art every week. There is something interesting in this singer "
From the beginning of his singing activity, he did not show his picture to the audience for 6 years, and after 6 years, he held his first concert and showed his face
Previously his music videos were animated and Even after showing his face, ask him if you are in the videos yourself? And he replied that there is no need for my image, but it is a more important work than myself
A special artist that we Iranians love
I hope you enjoy watching this video
Your support and comments encourage us ❤🎼🎙

lyrics :
I am far away from love as long as you are, I am patient, I am a mountain, but before my eyes, I am proud, my love is far away, I am an impassable path, I whistle and blind with you, but I am drowning, my love is far away, wherever you are, I reach myself to spend my life with you. O my pure restlessness, be my moon to shine to these nights, I am a desert thirsty for a drop of water, but in my heart you are a guest of unspoken words, you know I forget these bitter days, Be, I will bring myself to spend my life with you, I will be with you, I will be with you, my unkind, O my pure restlessness, it will be my moon to shine in these nights, I am a desert thirsty for a drop of water

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Hi @arman10

It is enjoyable to listen to your singing, alongside the collaboration of your friend who always plays very well. Greetings to both of you, and don't forget to interact a bit with the members of the community.


Hello, thank you for your kindness and opinion. I follow my friends and I will definitely do more of this

Yes, it would be good, it would help you have more audience in your posts and the integration into the community would be easier :))

Really 😍 ? Tank you so much my frend ❤

This is so beautiful to listen to. I love the dynamics you did, they were on point. And I won't forget the beautiful guitarist, she was amazing, my regards to her.

Tanks ❤❤

You're welcome 🤗.

interesting music playing and songs even though I've never listened to it but it's good

Woow 🙃😍
Tank you ❤❤❤

Armani, welcome to the Hive Open Mic community. Thank you for sharing your musical gifts with us. Your singing is fantastic! And I also enjoy the excellent guitar accompaniment. So much to admire in this music, thanks again.

This is your kind comment for me I am very happy to work in this network Your support and artist friends encourage and make my performances more visible I am happy that this support is continuous
Thank you again ❤🎼🎤

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