Hive Open Mic Week Number #129 / Siamak Abbasi - I Wish You Happiness / Cover By : @Arman10

2 months ago
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Hello friends and companions
I hope you are well
Your life is full of music, energy and positive feeling
I performed a piece in the classical pop genre
I wish you happiness
From Mr. Siamak Abbasi, a different Iranian singer
I hope you like it
The difference of this singer was that he broadcasted his works for almost 5 years without any image of himself and also made and edited his music videos in the form of animation, and no one saw his face after 5 years when he released his album and got permission to perform. He took it in one of the big halls of Iran, finally his fans were able to see his face and I think this is a very strange and different event.
Another point was in an interview after the concert
Asking him, now that you have shown your picture, do you appear in your music videos?
In response, he said, "I don't see the need to be present."
Because for me the work is important, not my image
He is one of the classic pop singers
which have been welcomed by their own special audience for years...
The text and lyrics of this song :

If the person next to you
wants you more than I wanted you

If you are more comfortable with him
If he knows how to deal with you

If this awful life have taken you away from me

If our good memories haven't been erased from my memory

Your happiness is my wish
even if you are not with me,even if from our memories you disconnect.

Your happiness is my wish
even if you are not with me,even if from our memories you disconnect.

From the very first days , I knew you weren't going to stay

I Knew you wouldn't be able
to read my love from my eyes

From the very first days,your heart was with another

I hope he will stay with you always
the one who was a better love

Your happiness is my wish
even if you are not with me,even if from our memories you disconnect.

Your happiness is my wish
even if you are not with me,even if from our memories you disconnect
I will be happy to support my performance
And write me your comments

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Tienes una voz muy bonita. Sigue desarrollandola. 🤗

Thank you lady ❤🤞🏻

Hello friend, I hope you are very well, I think that previously we had not coincided, so it is a pleasure to meet you; The story of the author of the song is very interesting, he was incognito for many years and then appears and impresses his audience with a great message later, in that interview!!!

Friend, you sing very well, in fact I liked that the song had such a soft and delicate background since it made me know your voice better; the music of your country is very beautiful, I have had the opportunity to listen to it thanks to our friend Alireza, I see that he has collaborated with you, that's great!

Good interpretation Armani, I congratulate you and by the way, I hope that things in Iran can be solved soon, here the news talks a lot about the situation, my best wishes for your country!!!

Thank you very much for being part of the world stage of the Hive Open Mic, we are waiting for you next week again ¡Greetings! 🙌😀💛

Hello to you, kind friend and artist, thank you very much for your attention and understanding of this style of music and your opinion about me. I hope I deserve your kindness and friendship, and I am also very happy to meet you. I hope good things will happen between us. Thank you again for your support. I will be happy to support and repost my videos so that I can be seen more

What a beautiful song.

Thank you, my good friend, this comment is your kindness 🎼❤

Saludos amigo @arman10 la melodía de esta canción es suave y hermosa, tu voz afinada y dulce, me gusto mucho tu entrada. Felicitaciones 🤗🎵🎵😊👏👏🌿🌟🎧🙋😃🔥🌸💫🌹💥🎶🎶🎶🌷🎙️💖😊🥰❤️🧡💚💜💞

Greetings friend @arman10 the melody of this song is soft and beautiful, your voice tuned and sweet, I really liked your entry. congratulations

Hello, my dear friend, thank you for your opinion and kindness. I am glad that you feel this way about me. I would appreciate it if you republish my videos so that I can be seen better