Hive open mice week number #119 Ashvan - Drowning in tears ' cover by : @arman10

2 months ago
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I am drowning in tears
Hello dear and good artists of this network
I hope you are doing well I wanted to perform week 119 with a different work on an emotional music Because I understood from your feedback from my previous clip
Are you interested in this style...
This work is in pop style The main singer of this music is Mr. Ashvan Irani is one of the different singers which has many fans, especially himself, I can say without a doubt that when I sing this song, I feel it and live it. This style and this kind of music is very Saddam based and I try to try other styles as well I hope you like it and support me Your opinion and sharing encourage and improve me..
Again, being with you and seeing your performances It teaches me many things May you always be successful and healthy, my friends

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beautiful melody, the theme is arabic?

Tank you my friends ❤
No' pop iran

Lovely tune!
What is the song about?
Might be worth putting the lyrics in your post?
Thanks for sharing..

Thank you About the love that is gone I will definitely do this my friend ❤

You sound good 😊 👏

Tank you so much 😍😍❤🎼

You show exceptional musical talents, friend, thank you for sharing your gifts with the Hive Open Mic community.

Thanks for joining in and enjoying Hive Open Mic

Thank you very much for your kind suggestion I follow your and enjoy it ❤🎼🎤

I don't understand a word of the lyrics, but the melody is very nice. The emotions are visible on your face, and in all it's a very beautiful presentation.
Thanks a lot.

Your opinion makes me proud Music is the common language between you and me I follow you my friend 🎼🎤❤

Amigo @armando10 a pesar de no entender la letra puedo decir que la melodía es bella, tu voz muy suave y sentida, felicitaciones y éxitos 🌟🎙️🎶🎵🎤💫💔💚💙💞

Tank you so much lady artist 🎼🤗❤

Waaaah tu canto es muy bonito!! Es espectacular la técnica de canto 🌌✨✨

Tank you su much my friend ❤