Hive openmic #76 | Diskriminasi - my original song

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Hello everyone, we meet again at Hive Openmic #76 with the theme Passion.
I'm sharing this post not because I've been able to make money from my passion, I'm just happy to share the experiences I get when I learn something.
Instead of just playing this guitar alone in my room, I'd better record it and share the video here.

Apart from sharing my guitar playing experience, I also hope to earn money from this platform, to upgrade my musical equipment to support my passion for music. So far I've been making music videos with very, very minimal tools, and that's a bit of a barrier in exploring musical creativity.
I record music videos using my cell phone and the soundcard I use doesn't cost more than 3 dollars!
I also use a cellphone to edit videos, because I don't have a laptop or a computer set, I don't even have headphones, even though in some videos I recommend you to use headphones, haha..😄😆

This is my music creation entitled 'Diskriminasi' (discrimination). Using only drum sounds from guitar effects and no bass, only guitar and drum loops.
I even got this electric guitar from a friend of mine. But that doesn't discourage me, because music is my PASSION!

I think everyone already knows what passion is.
Passion is something that keeps you doing something.
even if you don't have a specific goal,
even if everyone says you will fail,
even if everyone says your activities are unimportant or a waste of time,
even though you once gave up while living it,
even if you don't know what the results will be.
Passion is not about achievement, pride, and talent, but about what drives you to keep doing something just because you want to do it.
No less and no more than that!

Thank you for reading my heart. I hope that we are all passionate about reaching our goals. Enjoy this song.

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Excellent as always friend! I love your sound...

¡Excelente como siempre amigo! Amo tu sonido...

Thank you so much 😊🙏

This is so hard core...very amazing work right here!!


Rock on!!

Thanks bro 🤘🎸


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Well said bro when you talk about your passion, no matter what equipment you have, your talent is more valuable and I know you will be able to achieve your goals little by little. About the song.... man, that main riff is killer, not to mention your sweep picking technique, bro you are amazing, and the classical music vibe, wow.... good job man 👊😎🔥

Thank you so much 🤘🙏
yeah right bro.. it all makes me even more excited 💪🎸

keren banget melodi gitarnya bang. sumpah keren banget

Haha.. bisa aja nih memujinya. Makasih ya

tapi emang keren banget melodi gitar nya bang. nama band abang apa?

Nama band nya Blinksatan tapi udah bubar, sekarang jadi gitaris kamar aja 😄

yang penting tetap semangat bang dalam bermusik hehe

Sip pasti itu mah bang 💪👍

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