Hive Open Mic Week 118 || You Broke Me First Cover (Eng-Esp)

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Love is a strange feeling that at one point in one's life, one is bound to have this feeling and it is some times weird because you start doing things that ordinarily you won't do.

But there are some times when the love you have for someone starts getting sour and it feels like you should never have fallen in love. But who are we to say when love starts or end? It's almost impossible to do that.

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This is Hive open mic week 118 and for this week's theme LOVE HURTS chosen by @khaleesii, I have chosen a song by Tate McRae titled YOU BROKE ME FIRST.

This song revolves around a person who lost the one he loves because they hardly communicate well with themselves and at this period, one of them had already found someone else but never said anything to the one he or she has been with. But the love of the other was strong so he or she always accommodated the other whenever he or she has a problem with the third party.

But with time, the one being used realized what was going on and he got the courage to stop doing all the sweet things and had to let go of the one he loves, you can imagine how it might hurt him but he had to do it because it was bound to happen anyways. Sometimes we hold on too much and end up getting broken to the point were it will leave a very deep scar.

You only know you love someone when you let them go, weird right? Yes, love is weird and we have to face it. But no matter how hurt we are, we should always be ready to move forward and not hold on too long to our past. Love is everywhere but we get blinded by our hurt that it's really hard for us to see all the love that is around.

Always remember, there is nothing time can't heal, as long as you have time, you will pass through that hurt and you will be super happy in the end trust me, all you have to do is give what you want.

You can find the lyrics of the song by clicking Here


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El amor es un sentimiento extraño que en un momento de la vida uno está obligado a tener este sentimiento y algunas veces es raro porque empiezas a hacer cosas que normalmente no harías.

Pero hay momentos en que el amor que sientes por alguien comienza a agriarse y parece que nunca deberías haberte enamorado. Pero, ¿quiénes somos nosotros para decir cuándo comienza o termina el amor? Es casi imposible hacer eso.
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Esta es la semana 118 de micrófono abierto de Hive y para el tema de esta semana LOVE HURTS elegido por @khaleesii, he elegido una canción de Tate McRae titulada TÚ ME ROMPIÓ PRIMERO.

Esta canción gira en torno a una persona que perdió a la persona que ama porque apenas se comunican bien consigo mismos y en este período, uno de ellos ya había encontrado a otra persona pero nunca le dijo nada a la persona con la que ha estado. Pero el amor del otro era fuerte por lo que siempre se acomodaba al otro cada vez que tenía un problema con el tercero.

Pero con el tiempo, el que estaba siendo usado se dio cuenta de lo que estaba pasando y se armó de valor para dejar de hacer todas las cosas dulces y tuvo que dejar ir a la persona que amaba, se pueden imaginar cómo podría lastimarlo, pero tenía que hacerlo. porque estaba destinado a suceder de todos modos. A veces nos aferramos demasiado y terminamos rompiéndonos hasta el punto de dejar una cicatriz muy profunda.

Solo sabes que amas a alguien cuando lo dejas ir, raro, ¿verdad? Sí, el amor es raro y tenemos que enfrentarlo. Pero no importa cuán heridos estemos, siempre debemos estar listos para seguir adelante y no aferrarnos demasiado a nuestro pasado. El amor está en todas partes, pero nuestro dolor nos ciega porque es muy difícil para nosotros ver todo el amor que hay alrededor.

Recuerda siempre, no hay nada que el tiempo no pueda curar, mientras tengas tiempo, superarás ese dolor y al final serás súper feliz, créeme, todo lo que tienes que hacer es dar lo que quieres.

Puede encontrar la letra de la canción haciendo clic Aquí


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Dear hope ...

You know how much I admire your bold voice. Its so beautiful..

Apart from that, it seems like everything in this post is singing along with you.. everything expresses the message of the song, your eyes, your pictures and the background too..

In all, this was a brilliant performance dear.. you did absolutely well, well done .

Thank you so much Benii 💗🤩, I'm so glad you enjoyed it, I hope to do better next time.

You're a darling, mua 😘😚.

Thank you for leaving me this beautiful comment this morning, it means a lot to me ❤️🤗.

You are welcome sweetheart.🥰🥰😍

The black background is what really kept me watching at first.
And then I got trapped with the voice!!!

You have brought a wonderful piece to us this week.

Awwn, thank you so much @obaro , I was just blushing reading your comment, it means so much to me 🤗.

You are welcome dear

This was amazing girl, I enjoyed it.

Thank you so much, I'm super excited you like it.

You are welcome

Wow, what an excellent performance, you have a lovely voice!

Thank you so much @ylich, I appreciate you stopping by and leaving such beautiful comment, it means a lot to me.

My pleasure!


Here she goes again🥰💞🤩
My dear, your voice is superb! Keep it up..and this pic, I love and love it.
At first, I didn't know it was you🤩🤩

Awwn 🤩😍, thank you so much Ma'am I really appreciate your sweet words, they mean so much to me 🤗😇.

Really, this photo was just randomly taken, I'm glad you like it ☺️😊.

Thank you for stopping by 💕💕.

Uwc sweety🥰

Your video editing is just superb, and your voice is just amazing...

Thanks for singing this song to me..

I'm glad you like it. Thank you for stopping by and leaving your comment, I'm blessed to have your comment 🤭.

You're welcome @utyalban, it's really my pleasure 🥰🤩.

You gat that voice baby. But hey! Don't break me first. I enjoyed it. ✌

Thank you so much Ckole 🤭🤭.

Hahaha, I was already thinking of doing that but since you pleaded, I will sorry for you 😅😁.

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your sweet words as always 🤭😜.

You are welcome ma lady.

Star girl...this was amazing,well done 🙌🤍✨🤍

Hahaha, star girl? Che you dey whine me abi? I refuse to whine 😂😂.

Thank you so much for your amazing comment boss, I really appreciate it, your fan is learning well 🤭😁.

You're doing well my dear...I just imagined you had an accompaniment,like a guitar or piano in the background,...would have been too nice but still that didn't take away from how awesome and beautiful you sounded even without that...well done my gee✅🤍✨

You are making blush with these sweet words, thank you so much Sleemfit, much love from me to you ❤️💕.


Certainly love is mysterious and makes us do incredible things that later we don't believe we did 😁... what a pleasure to listen to you again, you sang very well, I congratulate you, I really liked how you sounded throughout the presentation, there were minor details that can be corrected, but in general, it was very great 🌹💖!!!!

You chose a great song and very much in line with what you write; thank you very much for joining us in this edition of painful love 💔 in the Hive Open Mic, we hope to see you next week again ¡Greetings! 🙌😀💛

I'm so happy you are and I really appreciate your comment. I will sure work more on myself in awaiting my next entry 🤩☺️, thank you for always leaving a helpful comment 🤗.

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Thank you for the information @hivebuzz, I really appreciate it 🤗.

The melody in your voice is wow!!! Keep it burning.
Love this 🤍

Thank you so much @isaacngore.

Wow! Wow!!
That's quite a lot you got there dear.
Couldn't stop listening though, your voice is great.

It's true love is stupid jhoor.. but it's a beautiful when we are in one.
Love really much hurts when tht person u love ain't in for u too..

Thanks for sharing this with us dear.

I'm so glad you like what you heard and didn't mind listening all over. Thank you for your sweet words dear.

Yes love its so weird, really weird and it's so good when you have these feelings towards another and the person appreciates it.

It was worth my time so I had no choice but to stay.
Love is just complicated abeg, I rst my case I don leave for people way don chop beleful come get strength join. lolxx

Awwn, that's so sweet.

Hahaha yes oo, na so e go come be so oh 😂😂.

It's ok😘

As i said previous time i have very few knowledge about music so i am not saying anything about music.
The music was good . Besides you have a beautiful voice but i think you can do much better in upcoming days.

I will my best to do better next time partner, I hope to see you next time then partner ☺️.

Thank you for stopping by and leaving such a great contribution 😘.

Cantar a capela no es facil y usted lo ha acho con naturalidad y con seguridad, buena afinacion felicitaciones, Dios te bendiga

You have an awesome voice.. I like the song, first time to hear it.

Thank you so much Janey 🤗, I'm glad you like the song even when it's your first time listening to it 🤩.

Surely we do have lots of talents here.
My first time hearing you sing.
Your comment on khaleesii post led me here.
Well done dearie ❤

Thank you so much for stopping by, I truly appreciate it 🤗😘.

It was great and I enjoyed your art I would be happy if you follow me and support me ❤❤🎼🎼

Thank you so much dear. Okay I will Arman 😇.