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Hello guys!

Hope we are all doing fine?

Here comes another week on hive open mic to express ourselves musically, and I have a rendition, under the umbrella of this week's theme which is "paper kite".

The meaning and the essence of this theme was explained in the introduction post to this week by @hiveopenmic.

This song I'm doing is a song I composed myself talking about the "essence, value, beauty and purpose" of being a hive open micer, and also of this prestigious community and so on.

Let's go listen.


First..... we are one
Music brought together...
Yes she brought me to knowing you
And you too knowing me.

We are known for global harmony
That is our pride
Unifying all nations
Bringing peace through our songs!

Yes yes
We are one, we are family
Yes yes, we are so proud

Yes yes
Mother nature has birthed good things
Which us you and I (2x)

Few Talks


The video was done with a Samsung Galaxy A20 phone using the original display, accompanied with aspect ratio of 16:9.
The rear camera of the mobile phone was used for the recording of this video!


  • Samsung a20
  • Acoustic guitar



¡Hola, chicos!

¿Espero que todos estemos bien?

Aquí viene otra semana en el micrófono abierto de Hive para expresarnos musicalmente, y tengo una interpretación, bajo el paraguas del tema de esta semana que es "cometa de papel".

El significado y la esencia de este tema se explicaron en la publicación de introducción de esta semana de @hiveopenmic.

Esta canción que estoy haciendo es una canción que compuse yo mismo hablando de la "esencia, el valor, la belleza y el propósito" de ser una colmena micer abierta, y también de esta prestigiosa comunidad, etc.

Vamos a escuchar.


Primero... somos uno La música unida... Sí, ella me llevó a conocerte Y tú también conociéndome.

Somos conocidos por la armonía global ese es nuestro orgullo Unificando todas las naciones ¡Trayendo paz a través de nuestras canciones!

Sí Sí Somos uno, somos familia Sí, sí, estamos muy orgullosos

Sí Sí La madre naturaleza ha dado a luz cosas buenas Que nosotros tu y yo (2x)

Pocas Charlas


El video se realizó con un teléfono Samsung Galaxy A20 con la pantalla original, acompañada de una relación de aspecto de 16:9. ¡La cámara trasera del teléfono móvil se usó para grabar este video!


  • Samsung a20
  • Guitarra acustica


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Wonderful song bro. I love your creativity

Thanks pal.

Wow, this made me feel so emotional. I live the song and it has really beautiful lyrics, especially that part where it says

We are known for global harmony
That is our pride
Unifying all nations
Bringing peace through our songs!

Well composed man.

Thanks a lot @hopestylist
It's so great to have you around pal!


You never cease to amaze me.
Am loving your voice texture.
This is so creative with
Beautiful riffs and runs.

Keep shining dear.

light and love❤

Look who we have here @benii🤭🤭

You are always welcome in my space and valued!

Thanks for the kind words dearie

Now you are making me blush. 🥰😊😊
You are always welcome star boy❤🌹

My best best.....
Thanks my lady🤭💯

@benii wey sabi.... correct lady!!🥵


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Always dazzling in a magical way! You have brought for this week a song of your authorship, your angel voice and your delivery on stage captivates us every day, you are an example to follow and a total inspiration.

Thank you for your constancy in this great family of Hive Open Mic, your participation is important for us


You really have a great voice.
The song that you compose has great lyrics as well. :)



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Waoo... See talent...
This is so good to the hearing bro...
Nicely Composed..
Well presented...
Good one bro..

This is Hive Open Mic anthem 😄 Nice one @obaro

Sort of babes😃

omo nice one bro
i dey feel your sound

Thanks gee

Felicidades hermano. Muy buena interpretación. Tiene una gran voz. Comenzaré a seguirte y a apoyar tu trabajo. Mucho éxito

muchas gracias amigo.
Agradezco sus amables palabras y el apoyo que ha prometido. ¡Gracias!