White Papers/Introductory Texts of the Tribe Projects

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Hello there. In this collection we will list the white papers of tribal projects. Or, in other words, we will list the pages with promotional texts. These texts are needed sometimes when examining tokens and sometimes when researching tribal projects. However, some texts are difficult to find. I wanted to list these white papers / promotional texts on a single page. I found many promotional texts. However, I still haven't reached a few of them. I will continue to research. If you reach before, I would be very happy if you add it as a comment to this page. See you 🙂
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Information was given about the PAL Token, the token of the Palnet.io tribe. From the token distribution, author awards, curator awards, miner awards, staking rewards, token inflation, etc. mentioned.
Introductory text of the Archonapp.net tribe. From coin distribution, mining token, etc. mentioned.
Information was given about the Sportstalksocial.com tribe and the SPORTS token. The issues that the tribe will focus on are mentioned.
Introductory text of Proofofbrain.io tribe, POB token. He talks about which projects were inspired during the creation of the token. It also talks about how to distribute tokens.
The Cinetv.io tribe, the CINE token, was mentioned. How to distribute tokens, author awards, curator awards, etc. issues were mentioned. It was also mentioned which content subjects the tribe was interested in.
Mention of the Musicforlife.io tribe, the VIBES token. In addition, it is given in detail on what subjects content can be produced while using the tribe.
The Broadhive.org tribe was mentioned. A detailed explanation has been made on which areas of interest to focus on while using the tribe.
Information about the Creativecoin.xyz tribe and CCC Token was shared.


this seems to be an amazing resource for users who want to check out more about these projects

Thank you for the comment. I hope that will be useful.