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Tokyo's Most desirable Night adventure at Shibuya

Credit & subscribe :View Japan

In pandemic season where we cant go out travel , i feel not safety going out even in our area of neighborhood. But inside my heard i really want to go out and travel the world. So , while i was surfing the new i found this some interesting video . The cameraman holding the what ever video he use and express the video in 1st person view. No talking but just walking around the street and watch the people. I found out this is so interesting and i can feel that the one who holding the camera is me. So , i just then grab some food and just sitting while enjoy the imaginary Tokyo travel.

You can try to imagine that you are the one who walking at the street . You can up your video resolution up to 4k quality . I want to try those quality , but i l not enjoy the buffering because my net is not that fast. So , i just use 480 p quality which i still satisfy my imaginary walk. If you have projector , you can adjust your projector to wall with the high of inside video person close enough to desire high that you want .

Thanks to this kind of video i can enjoy my imaginary walk in Tokyo . I ll try to find another quality imaginary walk all around the world and post it in future so we didnt just stuck in our quarantine stat. Hope you enjoy it.

Disclaimer :
I dont own the footage . Credit to the contain creator


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Ofcourse traveling is one of my hubbies, but the sad news is the pandemic, it has practically subdued every movement to the possible minimum because of fear of catching the virus,, people can no longer gather like that of the video no come too close to people you don't know, I wish Corona virus didn't exist

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