Prognosis' After Dark Freestyle at The SONNSONLY Solar Powered Beach Jam

last month
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This was the very end of our beach session from a couple weekends ago. Prognosis busted a half hr freestyle... here he is with Luca cutting and he throws a PG 13 rap at the end, so ask your parents to watch it first!...its pretty tame by todays standards...or even early 90s 2 live crew standards🤣. got a bunch more footage on video camera that has to be dumped but this was what i had on my phone/sneak preview

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Haha...i like titties, too!😅
I swear, i got the same blue Rectangle scratch vinyl & my name is Luca, too...
Coincidence Bro!😜

ha yeah i know, we got a luca in our crew, i was waiting for you to chime in on that

i just got that rectangle a few weeks ago actually(for $2), i thought it was a good one. one of my radio pals was having a porch sale and i dug hard and found that amd one of the ultimate battle weapon volumes as well

Very cool purchase!Even more the price.😉

Yay! 🤗
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