Rising Star Meme #85 - Some "Better" Material

10 days ago
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And that's what you usually see me blabbing about all day!
Instruments and Ego management are hardly-spoken topics (at least the strategies regarding them!) and people are slowly beginning to pick up on the matter (the prices show that).

But Let's talk about something else

The meme is already making fun of me talking about instruments all the time, so let's make this one a bit different.

Let's discuss "Perfect Timing"

Yea, that's me naming everything lol
But what about it, really??

There's always a good time to do anything

I'm not talking about missions and stuff. Yeah, you should do them with timing in mind, but I'm talking about the market right now!

I always used to discuss getting STARPRO when it had lots of utility (and it still has). The deal is more of a "When to get it?" rather than "How or why we should get it?".

Preparation is Key

You can get STARPRO right now when everyone's main worry is whether or not Hive will ever recover. Obviously, they're missing the FanClub update with that mindset! When it gets released, there is sure to be some huge demand for STARPRO from the players who haven't got their cards - even if temporary (since we don't know what the update is going to be specifically) some people are gonna profit from their excess stack of tokens.

Don't miss the opportunities when they pop up

And it's not really limited to STARPRO. Just look at Hive, I'm no market expert, but the entire crypto market is bleeding like hell. Even if Hive doesn't recover, since the game's STARBITS has kept its ~0.0003 HIVE per STARBIT peg, it's become so much cheaper than before.
The once ~$300 for the 1 million STARBITS is down to less than $200 ($150 just a couple of days ago) and that's a good opportunity for moving in.

One might say that what if it goes lower than that, but I don't think it will since there's a huge buy order stacked at 0.0003HIVE for STARBITS.

Another Tip

The game has set the Pack price to 5 Hive per pack (4 Hive previously) and that could be seen as an opportunity to HODL STARBITS. Because of the increase in pack prices (those bought with Hive), the packs bought in STARBITS are actually more valuable and so is changing your Hive to STARBITS - resulting in a buying pressure thus increasing STARBITS price (at least the Hive value, not the Fiat one).

Actually, the prices have already began to move up! And it's up ~10% from when it was announced! Again, Hive-wise, not Fiat!!
But if you're a Hive believer, I don't think you'd miss that chance!

Anyways, hope that helped!

Don't miss your chances and moreover DO NOT invest RECKLESSLY!


!LOL. Another great post man. :)


I really want to buy one of those grocery checkout dividers
But the lady behind the counter keeps putting it back.

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Did you hear about the alarm clock convention?
Total snooze fest.

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