Day 221: Good luck on the starbit rewards today, super close to level up as well.

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opening another 4 packs for today.👾


First pack,87 Donna,R188 Nytehawker,86 Tim for a total of 145 fans and 75 skill points, 1 music lesson needed to clear the ego gained from the pack.


Second pack,i81 Busker R10,76 Elise,R196 Star Visionary for a total of 5 fans and 10 skill points , no music lesson needed to clear the ego gained from the pack.


Third pack,i77 Juicy Orange Guitar,i81 Busker R10 and R203 Sandy for a total of 130 fans and 125 skill points, 1 music lesson need to clear the ego gained from this pack.


Fourth pack,i73 Cherry Viola,i78 Starshall RG30 and R181 Brave The Rapper for a total of 50 fans and 200 skill points, no music lesson need to clear the ego gained from this pack.

In total 330 fans and 410 skill points gained for an increase of +5 starbits per mission, no music lesson is required to clear the ego gained from the packs.

MissionYesterday amountCurrent amount
Total Missions75607600
Illegal Busking10671071
Open Mic Night960964
Mid Week Support735739
Licensed Busking1111
Midweek Headline Slot88
Saturday Support1111
Saturday Headline3333
Radio Interview11951199
Radio Studio Session773777
Shopping Mall Performance488488
Record A Demo1616
Local Festival Acoustic Tent1313
Local Mini Tour Support147148
Band Rehearsal518524
Full Band Support452458
Full Band Headline186190
STARBITS Millionaire159160
Production Lesson274277

Today's Local Mini Tour Support gained 3.2k starbits which is the lower high in the reward range.

Daily stats

Total Starbits gained : 42283

Total Ego gained : 444

Total Skillpoint gained : 682

11 Cold pizza slices were found.

Production Lesson Upper Limit500448

Current Rotations:
pizza are used to refill to 100% after every chain if needed use a coffee cup since after use u gain 3% energy which reduces downtime between runs

Starbits millionare > missions to reduce energy to zero (30min + ?)

shopping mall > open mic night > 15% 5 min mission (1h15min per set) x4-5

radio studio session > mid week support > 15% 5 min mission (1h per set) x4-5

Full Band Support x 3 (45 min)

Full Band Support x 1 + other missions (15min + ?)

music lesson x 2-3 (3h) 2=maintain 3=buffer

end of day mission

Daily fan tally:
Day 210 - 75324 (+285)
Day 211 - 75564 (+240)
Day 212 - 75914 (+350)
Day 213 - 76449 (+530)
Day 214 - 76864 (+420)
Day 215 - 77079 (+215)
Day 216 - 77399 (+320)
Day 217 - 77864 (+465)
Day 218 - 78264 (+400)
Day 219 - 78559 (+295)
Day 220 - 79079 (+520)
Day 221 - 79409 (+330)

Thanks for reading 😂


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