Risingstar Buying NFTs and Dialy Report

2 months ago
2 Min Read
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Today I bought 3 more cards from Risingstar.

Let me share the cards I received.

  1. 109 Sherri (Common)
    (a).Fans = 10
    (b).Skill = 0
    (c). Luck = 0
    (d). IM = 0
  2. 109 Sherri (Common)
    (a). Fans = 10
    (b). Skill = 0
    (c). Luck = 0
    (d). IM = 0
  3. R254 Rudolph (Rare)
    (a). Fans = 100
    (b). Skill = 125
    (c). Luck = 3
    (d). IM = 4

It's been 205 days since I started listening to Rising Star music.

I am a fan of playing Rising Star.

I always start my morning with Rising Star.

My Rising Star Level is reaching on 74.This Level is Playing.

Ego% is 0%.

I currently have total 230 Cards in my Rising Star Game now.

Here are some of the things I did in 205 days:

Column 1Column 2
Total Fans7471
Total Luck2064
Total Skill17528
Total IM153
Total Card230

My skills are always improving.

Today and Yesterday, I Played Below,

1Mid Week Support1
2Radio Interview1
3Local Mini Tour Support3
4STARBITS Millionaire2
5Basic Singing Lesson2

I fininshed 9 Missions Today and Yesterday.

Let everyone know that Rising Star is a must-try Blockchain game for the future.

Play with your precious time in "Rising Star" music game.

I am so happy to play about this game.

A total of 1779 missions have been completed.

So I sharing Total Mission below.

NoNameTotal Mission
1Illegal Busking235
2Open Mic Night229
3Mid Week Support96
4Licensed Busking17
5Midweek Headline Slot18
6Saturday Support14
7Saturday Headline86
8Radio Interview125
9Radio Studio Session36
10Shopping Mall Performance17
11Record A Demo20
12Local Festival Acoustic Tent96
13Local Mini Tour Support231
14Halloween 202217
15Record Signing4
16STARBITS Millionaire66
17Basic Singing Lesson295
18Guitar Lesson70
19Production Lesson31
20Piano Lesson41
21Drum Lesson34

Currently, I am buying and collecting Risingstar cards.

Friends, please share how you bought Rocards and how things progressed.

Thank you very much for your attention to the letter.

We meet again in the next game.

Have a great day everyon



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