Rising Star Game: My current status and buying R229 Nami

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Hello Rising star friends!

How is your progress? I hope you
all are doing well. May you be a
successful star in Rising Star
Game! Today I did not buy a pack
but I bought R226 Nami card to
control my Ego%

I have been playing this game for
over a year. Now I am level-115 and
waiting for to do the County
Festival Auditions mission. To do
that mission I must be 120 level.
Thus I am trying to level up.

Buying R267 Michaela

I bought this card for 4900 Starbits.
I have a reason for this card. I had
Ego 3%. So I needed skills. This
card give skill 200. Also the price is
cheap. That is the reason I bought
this card Nami.

Card NameTypeQty
R226 NamiRare1

My account status

This is my favourite collection and
band. I have 50113 fans | 74164 skills | 7859 lucks | 938 IM and 443 cards.

Rising Star is a NFT blockchain
game based on Hive Platform. Let
me tell you alittle bit of this game.
You can start as a lower busker.
And you need to try to get fans and
skills. You can get Starbits by
completing mission which you can
trade at Leodex or Hive Engine.

Start as a lowly busker and work your way up to a global mega star!

Want to play this game just need
Hive accout. To create Hive acc
Free Click Here>>>

If you already have Hive acc to start
your journey of Rising Star Game
Click here

Rising Star is the best game of the
Blockchain gaming that give
Cryptos. If you have not try it yet
you can use my refer link below


And If you have any questions you
can free freely connect to me >>>

Connect to me>>> Touch Image




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