My Music Time (or) My Rising Star Game!(Day-19)

7 days ago
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Hello to all members on Blockchain Gaming Community!

This is my music game post on this community.
I would like to share you about my music game.
This is my funny time on Rising Star Game.
I am interesting this game because this is a music game.I like music as singing,dancing and others.So I wanted to play Rising Star Game.

Yesterday,I played to continue on my game.
I played Illegal Busking Mission and got a little more balances.

I opened my game account this morning.I am a level-17 player.When my energy is full, I did Guitar lesson and Basic Singing Lesson.

I used my PIZZA Box card to boost energy.
After boosting energy,I made Singing Lesson and Guitar Lesson.

And then I made Illegal Busking Mission because of I had only 10 fans.
After making four or five times of Illegal Busking Mission,I had 17 fans.
I didn't get any more fans yet.
I must try to get the next missions tonight.

So I made three kinds of Missions on this day.
They are Illegal Busking,Basic Singing Lesson and Guitar Lesson.


I had one idea on my Game.
I had only 10 fans when I started to play everyday.
I need to buy some fans card that I thought.
It will be more better to play on game.The rewards should be more nice.
This is my opinion for my account.

I cannot buy fan card because I have not Hive and STARBITS Token yet.
I must buy in future.

I am also playing on level-18 right now.

These are all my balances on level-18 just now.You can see my balances below.

Just Balance Record For Publishing Time!

(2)0 luck
(4)1 IM
(5)4057 STARBITS

I am very happy today because of playing on Rising Star Game.
This is My Music Time of Rising Star Game.
I love Rising Star Game!

My Music time is on Rising Star Game!
My Happy time is on Rising Star Game!
MY Resting time is on Rising Star Game!
My Precious time is on Rising Star Game!

It is a good and great game on Blockchain Gaming.
What are you waiting for!

Try and Join on Rising Star Game.
Thank you so much all.

See you next post with my great profit balance.


Good ! You got level up !

How much memory does a comedian's computer have?
Lots of gigglebytes!

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Why did the hipster burn his tongue?
He drank his coffee before it was cool.

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very good