Rising Star Game - Here Comes A proposal for Energy Wallet Card

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Like every other game, Rising Star game has also different missions. Here all missions are divided into 6 Categories described below;

Standard Missions


Special Missions

Festival World Tour

Music Promoter

Custom Shop

Music Lessons

Our Energy Is Our Asset

Every mission has different energy level requirement.To fill required energy level either we use energy boosters like Cold Pizza Slice,Pizza Box, Coffee Cup or we wait as it takes 5 minutes to fill **1%** of energy. Means energy which we get by using energy boosters or by waiting is our asset and no one would like to waste his/her assets.

We Have No Choice But to Waste Our Asset

Here We are wasting our Asset intentionally or unintentionally. How? Lets See!!! When we play or complete any type of mission from any category, then at the end of mission we have some piece of energy below 15 %. Below 15% energy is of no use then we have three options.

1. Wait for energy fill at the rate of 5 minutes per 1%.
2. Use filled Coffee Cup if we have.
3. Ignore that energy piece,use Cold Pizza Slice and continuo the game.

Mostly we are following Option 3 as most of us either do not have much time to wait for energy fill because here time is more precious in Rising Star Game or do not have Coffee Cup with Coffee. So We have no more choice but to waste this remaining energy which is, no doubt , our asset as we earn this either from Boosters or by time consumption.















Here Comes a Proposal

Keeping in view, All of such energy chunks which we mostly waste I have a proposal to development team @risingstargame. They should introduce an Energy Wallet in which we could store these energy chunks. There these small energy chunks will accumulate and could be used on our own will and need.

Value Addition

Rising Star Game Can introduce this **Energy Wallet** as a card which can be located in **Other Category** of cards like Shipping Container,Storage Trailer and Storage Warehouse cards.


If someone wants to use this facility he/she can buy Energy Wallet card. This will be not only a value addition in cards also a Value Added Service for Rising Star Players.

Thanks for reading and kind support.

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I suspect you won't get this as part of the fun/skill of the game is managing your energy. You can choose to use a card to recover it or just wait. He can't make it too easy or the economy will get out of balance. Some people just have lots of pizza cards so they always have energy, but that means spending more.

Brilliant idea! Would be an awesome asset! I always think what a waste of energy! !PIZZA

Thanks for Support.

Yes, we want it.

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Hhhmm Nice.


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me dont like this idea, the point of managing your energy is not wasting, your wallet idea makes the game a no brainer.