Rising Star Game Basic Singing Lesson.

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Basic Singing Lesson requiremnts include

  1. 10 Fans.
  2. 10 Level.
  3. 40% energy.


If you want to increase your skill by Basic Singing Lesson then you will have to own more and more Basic Singing Lesson instruments. Currently there are 12 instruments of Basic Singing Lesson which names are;

  1. E13 Unidyne.
  2. E26 RS7B Dynamic Mic.
  3. i5 Cheap Mic.
  4. i8 Mid Range Mic.
  5. i30 Cheap Mic V2.
  6. i41 Cheap Mic V3.
  7. L19 Snake Mic.
  8. R13 Pro Studio Mic.
  9. R30 80s Mic.
  10. R57 Pink Mic.
  11. R74 Blue Mic.
  12. R92 Desktop Mic.













Category wise they can be divided as

  • 1 legendary
  • 2 Epics
  • 5 Rare
  • 4 Common

Now this is not necessary to own all 12 instruments. You can get any one . Every instrument holds unique Luck card. Main thing is the sum of Luck which you will collect from all instruments. Buy all cards which are available on cheap prices . Make comparison of prices and luck.
More Luck means more skill point from any music lesson.
In next post we will discuss about Guitar lesson.
Thanks for reading and support.
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