My Rising Star Game #25 My progress and Bought 87 Donna (Starbits 30000 = 49 Cards)

8 days ago
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Hello all shining stars!
I hope you enjoy playing your Rising
Star Gaming...

This is my 25th post for in this Rising
Star community (Blockchain
Gaming). I do mission daily. I am 54
level and I am enjoy playing this
amazing **blockchain game based
on Hive Platform.

I am just doing Acoustic Tent and
Shopping Mall mission. My next
mission target to do
is Local Mini Tour Support. My
requirements to do that mission is
Fans-1200 level-55. That mission
cost 100% energy and 300 minutes.


Bought 87-Donna
That is type of common card. She is
cute with brown long hair. She loves
to hear herself on the radio. By the
way may I get more reward from the
radio mission. Because of I bought
49 cards of Donna.



My target of June
My target is to reach level 60 and
to get 2000 fans and 6000 skills
at the end of June.

Can I meet my target?

How do you think?

My Account Progress
You can see my account status as

Fan: : 2820

Luck: : 265

Skill: : 6101

IM: 37

Total Card: :94


Image source

I like this Game. Its easy to play and
earn real money. If you do not
play yet please use my referral link

I am San


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You're welcome @sanmyathtew7! Have a nice day 😊👍

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