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Hello Everyone ForsakenSushi Here!

I am a Splinterlands player and Stock market investor. I saw talk of this game Rising Star, it is a time based music game where you can collect crypto (Starbits) and NFTS. Here is the Link to the game website:

Rising Star Game
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  • After my 3rd day of casual play here is the list of my current completed missions or "achievements":

achievements 11.24.21.png

The first day I just did the first mission repeatedly not noticing I was gaining drunk fans. They are temporary and add to the max starbits you can gain per mission and also the higher level missions require increasing amount of fans. So at first when you havent bought any cards you need to repeatedly do the first mission until you get lvl 2 and enough random events that gave you fans to move onto the next mission.

cool 1up guy banner.png

I bought 3 Packs with DEC from Splinterlands rentals.

Pixie Pack drop 11.24.21.png

Pixie seems to be the best card I got from all the packs, She allows me to complete up to the level 8 mission just with her stats! She seems to be selling for 6 to 8 hive, or 50k to 100k starbits. It costs 10k starbits per pack. So hopefully it was a good drop, my game knowledge is so low Im not sure because after all its just a rare. IT is almost out of print though, so cool!



It is recommended to buy these 2 cards.


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How are you liking the game so far? I'm going to go check it out!

Pros: Its an idle game, some of the music is good sometimes. Game economy seems to have some depth, bought couple packs seems cards of current set are about halfway out of print for most part.

Cons: They stopped my girlfriend from playing, she lives with me so uses same IP so she got flagged as a bot, and she was one originally interested in trying the game, but since I had bought cards and she didnt they blocked her from playing. Hope they change their mind, we would be willing to verify who we are to them.

That really sucks that they banned her over two accounts on the same IP address. Those are some really dumb rules! I've run into that at other we sites and it alwasy bugs me.... I tooka quick look at the game, but I'll have some more time tomorrow to look at it seriously. Idle games are kind of great, especially if you can earn some crypto on the side!

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