Why a House or a Car is not My Priority

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Last 2019, I bought my very first property. It's a 1-hectare coconut farm in the barangay I was born in; Brgy. San Agustin, Hilongos, Leyte. 🌴


It was during a time when our neighbors would question me why I'm still not having our house fixed or why I'm still not buying a car. My family would hear remarks like:

"Naa man untay abroad, wa man gyud kapatiwas sa balay."

Although, I think these sentiments were not only shared by my neighbors but also by my parents. My parents would share stories about people who have already built their houses and would intentionally remark how awesome of a feat that is. It was a different type of pressu because it almost made me feel guilty. After all, all I wanted was to make my parents happy and proud. 😔

I admit, I almost succumbed to this societal standard. Perhaps, I should be thankful that I was privileged enough to have read the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad last 2015. It definitely taught me a thing or two. It taught me that, building assets should come first before buying liabilities. It differs for every person but in my case, a house and a car is not an asset, it's a liability since we live in a mountain. So, it would not be wise for me to prioritize building a house or buying a car if my priority is building up my assets column. Rather, I saved up money then invested on agricultural properties, digital assets, and creating various businesses. But of course, many would not agree and understand. And to blunt, I actually do not care anymore. 😌

One thing is for sure, it is vital for us to invest in ourselves, in learning, so that you yourself can make your own informed decisions and not be easily swayed by what society says and expect. 🌻


Pinoy mindset. Unahon ang balay, unahon ang sakyanan. Coz many of us are not financially literate. Mahilig ra sa investment/scam nga double your money after 1 week 🤣

Unfortunately, I've observed this too, @bluepark. Makaguol gyud usahay. Signifies that we have to teach financial literacy at school. 😞

Regardless of what your decision is Dana, may masasabi at masasabi parin talaga ang mga maritess.

Your money, your rules - kaya nako nako okay yan 1 hectare is real good na! Pataniman mo lang yan or ikaw ang magtanim ng mga seasonal crops then wait for the harvest boom na yan.

Thanks for the encouragement, @tpkidkai! Truthfully kaya go lang talaga tayo ng go! ❤️

(PS the land came with coconut trees already kaya diretso na harvest for copra every 3 months. Lucky purchase! ❤️)

True! Many people will not understand these decisions but you don't really need to care about them. You know what you want so just go for it! In the future, they will realize (or maybe not) your decisions.

Thanks for the encouragement, ate! Padayon lang gyud ta! ❤️

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Thank you always for the support, @asean.hive! ❤️

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