A Small Party For Chinese New Year 🍺 Sing Karaoke With The Villagers 🎤 🌄

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Every year, during the Chinese New Year, Cambodians of Chinese descent always make offerings, and after they make offerings, they gather with relatives, friends, and neighbors to hold small parties at home. Last night my neighbor and the people in our village invited me to a small party at their home for Chinese New Year. My husband was invited with us too but he came back before me to making dinner.


They have a few different meals and some snacks with beer and rice wine for all of us. My neighbors has already invited some villagers to enter. They drink beer a lot and I just drink a little bit beer and I drink a Oishi (lemon honey tea) with some snacks.


They play some music for dancing, and we sing a lot of song. We were talking and enjoyed together. I haven’t sing karaoke for a long time. This is my first time singing karaoke in this village.


I came back home at 8:o’clock and they are still drinking beer and singing karaoke. This is the first time I had a small party with the villagers, so my little girl came to see me and greet me forever. She was afraid I would drink beer and get drunk. When I arrived home I saw my family eating dinner and they look at me in the same face. They thought I get drunk because they are never see I drink beer. I only drank half a small glass. I do not want to drink anything, just want to join a little bit with the villagers.



This is the sunrise in this morning. This morning is so cold and it was cold when we talked and there was smoke coming out of our mouths.


Monkey B

I hope you always enjoy happiness and satisfaction, enthusiasm for you to gather with your beloved family.

Give thanks 🙏🏻 and the same for you.

Happy New Year!

I was too late checking if there was anything planned here in the Netherlands, because there's a Chinese community here that does celebrate the Lunar Year.

Happy New Year! I hope you going well.

Happy Chinese new year to you and your family, may the year of Rabbit bring more prosperity to all of you.

I hope they don't run an alcohol test on you when you get back home. : )

Give thanks my friend 🙏🏻. My two daughters tested me a lot. Thank you for your kind words. Have a great day.

Happy Chinese New Year to all of you there. It is good to have fun with our neighbors sometimes.

It was a nice day with my neighbors.

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! I hope The Year of the Rabbit will be very prosperous for your family! 💜


Give thanks my friend 🙏🏻😊. The same to you too.

Wow it has a lot of similarities here in Philippines. Every new year's eve, we also have karaoke with our neighborhood and families.

Cheers 🥂!!! Have a beautiful day.

Same as you! Kung Hei Fat Choy! 🏮🏮

What a great day, full of fun and memories.

It was fun day with my villagers. Thank you 😊

So much fun during CNY. I love sing the Karaoke too.

I know you are loving singing karaoke and you are a good singer.

Oh Thank you 🤣

Asian party are not complete without karaoke 😄

Yes, it’s right 😁. Cheers 🥂!

Nice party based on Chinese new year.

It was nice party and enjoyed. Have a great day.


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