Happy Together At The Pagoda For The End Of Pchum Ben & The Village Road

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Hello dear Hive friends. Today I want to share what we enjoy on the last day of Pchum Ben. On the Sunday is a big Pchum Ben and we woke up in the morning and go to the small market for bought some foods, snacks and flowers for take to pagoda.

After we cook already we prepare food and other things. We take a bath and get dressed for the pagoda. But we went to another pagoda different from the previous day. This pagoda has the name Gan, but in the past it was called Wat Krang Ngok.


At first I was wearing a skirt, but due to the difficult road I was afraid to get my new skirt dirty and I saw my niece fall and get dirty. So I put on my normal pants.


We are riding a motorbike to the pagoda, but we all have to walk off the road in the village first, because this road is slippery and muddy. We can not ride a motorbike, we have to walk to the main road.


When we reached the main road, we had to wait for a motorbike to pick us up, and I also wanted to take some pictures.


On the road we see some people drying rice for milling as well. This is common in the countryside, which we often see. This dog is followed us a lot.


We are arrived at pagoda and Monkey-B wanted to take a picture.


We bring food and money to Grandma and she blesses us. But this grandmother is my cousin, not my grandmother.





On the last day of Pchum Ben, when there were a lot of people. We went up to the temple to light incense and prepare food, and we left the temple to outside.



We took a lot of pictures from there together because we are difficult to met each other. Like my sister and her children from Battambang Province and my nieces from study in Phnom Penh and from other places.




So it's an opportunity for us to get together and not know when we will meet again.


Monkey B

I hope that you enjoy your short break cum holiday. The pagoda is so crowded and I see that there is so much food.

Yes some of those food are from people who went there and some food are made in the pagoda. Have a nice day.

Hi, is this Vietnam or Thailand. I assume Thailand because of the name. Please correct me. What I am seeing is the rich culture and the place is so warm for people to meet

This is Cambodia and yes Cambodia is similar to Thailand but the the food and culture are a bit different.

Thanks sis for mentioning. Yes Cambodia is similar to Thailand but you have more richer culture and beautiful places there.

I really enjoyed the picture you shared, everyone there is wearing traditional clothes, and it looks very much cake there, it seems very tasty

There are food and some children go there eat food. Have a nice day.

Very nice main think is human life is enjoying possible to each other together Not in lonely. Keep it up.

Thank you so much for stopping by and yes it is good to be with family and it is not fun by being alone. Have a nice day.

Amazing scenery , rice field is like in my hometown.

Yes the view is very beautiful and have a great day.

a very nice trip with family, especially if you want to find food there and bring flowers, very happy days for you and your best friend's family

Yes it was a nice trip and I would like to have as much fun as this again someday. Have a nice day.

Yay! 🤗
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