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There are no rain this weekend, so there are a lot of tourism visit the waterfalls and some people camping. These tourists are from Phnom Penh. They camping for two nights.


On Monday I order five Tuk-Tuk tires from Battambang province and order 2 more repairs for a total of $ 75. My husband changed them by himself, SreyYuu and I help him a little bit also.


When SreyYuu is unhappy with something she like starting in behind our cabin and looks at nature. I also love to view from here. Here makes us feel good and calm. I don’t know what happen in future but if one day I leave here, I will miss this place so much. This is a good place to live, but it also makes life difficult. Because away from school for our kids and other small problems.


My husband is really tired of taking the kids to school every morning and comes back at noon several months ago. My husband and I just went to ask our neighbor if he want to take our daughters to school. Because I knew that his son would be old enough to go to school in the coming new year.

He agreed to take our daughters to school, but he asked for a salary of $ 200 each. We agree to this price, but we are worried that we will have money problems. Because our income is not much. I work in Hive and do not earn as much as before. But I think if it can help my husband not get too tired, it is worth the price. Maybe we will reduce the expenses and I will start learning to drive a motorcycle. I will take my two daughters to school by myself one day.



This week an old woman in the village died and I and other villagers attended a traditional funeral.



Normally, we are always happy eating and playing on this bed. It is common for people in our country to use the bed for sleeping, eating, sitting and playing, and use it for many other things.



This is our little neighbor. She is a smart baby girl and cute. I always play with her when I buy something from her mom, and her dad will take our daughters to school next month. I hope you are doing well everywhere you are.


Monkey B

We have similar concern about taking the daughters to school, it is really challenging if they have different schedule and school like mine. I hope your financial matters in your family will be okay and wishing you all a healthy and happy family. You are blessed with a nice family.

Give thanks and thank you for your kind words 🙏🏻😊. Have a great weekend.

I always feel happy reading every story of your little family, and it seems the air around your house is very cold because I see there is a river flowing there, is it far from where other settlers are? or indeed close, because as you said it looks like your husband is very far from taking your kids to school, and I see how harmonious your family is. and the little baby is so cute

Our house is close to river and we always hear the water. There is a cold weather. Thank you 😊

I'm glad you found someone to help take the girls to school :) ... Maybe with the extra time, you two will find a way to earn more. I never thought he would get tired of that road 😲

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Yes, he got tired because the school is far from our house. Thank you 🙏

Hi mommy lovely picture 🥰.

Thank you my lovely girl 😍

I am very excited to see the baby rowing the bicycle, I always miss the baby figure in our family

She just played it and she is so happy.

What a cute baby and take care of yourselves ya! 😊

Thank you 😊. I hope you doing well.

Thank you and we are doing fine, considering with all that's going around in the country and the world.

You have a beautiful home. I hope you'll never get to leave the place.

Thank you my dear.

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Thank you so much 😊

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Hmmm.. your hubby looks like gaining some weight over the past few weeks, did he?

Maybe I’m not sure. Have a nice day.