Token Burn Event #6

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Hello there. Welcome to the token burning event. We've been running the event for a few weeks. We burn some of the tribal tokens by posting weekly. We are reducing some of the supply of said tokens. Thus, we contribute to the increase of the value of the tokens, even if only a little.
This week we're burning LEO, POB, VIBES, SPORTS, CENT, PAL, STEM, BHT and ARCHON. You will continue to earn curation rewards for voting on this post. However, I will burn 75% of my earnings from sharing. I added @null account as 75% beneficiary.

You can check last week's data from the post at, the sites of the tribes in question, and See you at new events.


Hope this won't affect the Pob and other coin we already have. Kindly expantiate

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Hello there. Token burning will have a positive effect on the price as it reduces the number. Hope it helps quickly :)

I hope so

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Really nice one initiative with the burning. This should help those tokens

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Thank you for expressing your thoughts. I hope that will be useful.