Token Burn Event #9

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Hello there. Welcome to the ninth coin burning event. We choose a few of the tribal tokens and organize a burning event every week. I was doing the event on Fridays. But I postponed it for one day due to the intensity. I'll be posting on Saturdays from now on. You can check the data of the post I made last week at this address. You can also access the sharing from the link on the tribal sites. And you can check it from the @null account's data too.

This week we are burning LEO, POB, VIBES, SPORTS, CENT, BHT, STEM, NEOXAG and SPT. Thus, we slightly reduce the supply of the tokens we have chosen. We follow the traditional premise of "the less the number the more the value" :) You'll get all of the curation rewards for voting on this post. I add @null account as 75% beneficiary. Thus, 75% of the rewards I will receive are automatically burned. I hope we can contribute to the value of said tokens. See you at new events.


Hello) I don't quite see how burning such a small number of tokens will increase their value, given that there are many more issued all the time..

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Hello there. Thank you for your comment. I just voted for the first posts myself. It's been seven hours since I posted. Incoming awards:
Ekran görüntüsü 2021-08-14 204954.png
A few of the rewards accumulated in last week's post:
8 Hive, 25 POB, 70 LEO, 3500 SPORTS, 114 CENT VB.
I expect more participation over time.

Very good.

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Thank you.

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Thank you. For your contribution and support.


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