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RE: Funny African Customs: Funny Translation Results

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Hahaha! The last one was indeed the best.

This one made me wonder too:

But, do you see what happened there? I was amongst the Igbos (a Nigerian tribe), in their language the word for 'heart' and 'chest' is the same thing so when he meant to say I have a big chest due to my workouts, he let that rule of his native language affect his choice of English words leaving him with using the word 'heart' to mean chest too.

So what do you say against a woman who has recently had a breast enlargement?

Wow, you have a big heart!



Hahahaha 😂😂
Unfortunately, though, there is a word for breast. Breasts are too important to not have their own peculiar identity, I guess, the word is 'ara', I hope you get to use it on a Nigerian girl one day. Goodluck.

Hahaha! Good to know. It might come in handy, some day ;^)