#MyFavoriteOST contest WINNERS - Oops

2 months ago
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At the beginning of the month I've started a contest !

That was the first contest I've organized myself, and I tried to make is great and entertaining, the only thing to do was to share one of your stories about a film's or series' music.

I even prepared some prizes. this was not much but I think some users would have like it, here's a reminder :


🏆1st place

75 CINE + 7.5 VIBES

🥈2nd place


🥉3r place

25 CINE + 2.5 VIBES

That makes a total of $2 for CINE and around $1 for the VIBES.

That is maybe the reason why nobody participated. Really no one. I don't really know why, probably because not enough people saw my post and read it, the rewards were too small and maybe the rules too confused, I can even hear than the contest itself was not for everyone. That's harder to have a reason to like an OST than just a movie.


I was wondering what should I do. Making a second post to remind people to participate, maybe extending the period (which was already too long), but I've totally changed my mind. I'm going to power up everything. I have goals to reach before the end of the year and a thousand CINE staked is one of them.

In a way I'm the winner 🙄

Maybe one day I will make another contest, I'll prepare it better, maybe also with HIVE rewards and if I could make a reward pool of $10 that would be awesome !

For now I'm unfortunately only going to power up those 180 CINE sleeping in my Hive Engine wallet and also few VIBES.

I am already thinking about a future contest and I hope to do it before the end of the year.

I already know my next one will probably be on CineTv too but I'm not sure this will be about music. I hope it will be tempting enough to bring at least one or two participants :).


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