Announcing the new tokenomics of MUSICFORLIFE

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Musicforlife Launch Announcement

old logo which is being rebuilt now, anyways thanks to the spectacular artist who made this one


Hello everyone, today, Academia Libertad Gaming Studios (@ al-gaming) wants to share with you great news, which is that at last the Musicforlife community in Hive will take the big step to become a tribe, improving the interaction of its users in every sense.

The tribe will be live very soon on We are working with the hive-engine dev to have everything in the place before going live.

The Musicforlife project has been going on for more than 3 months since its first announcement and in recent weeks we have had the opportunity to advance and grow this project. For that reason, I will tell you more in detail about the project and our goal with the tribe.

Development: Project summary and token

First of all, I would like to tell you how the idea for Musicforlife came about. The project was born under the idea of ​​creating a space in the Hive Blockchain to reward all kinds of music lovers (instead of just musicians), this means that if you like to talk about your favorite bands or songs, You can find it on MusicForLife, the place to share this passion rather than on mainstream social media, where work is not directly rewarded and there may be unreasonable censorship by a central power. Plus this topic of music will be the perfect low entry barrier for even non-crypto users that will come from our youtube channel and marketing strategies. everybody loves music

With that idea in mind, we set out on a mission to attract different types of users to MusicForLife:

  • Cryptocurrency lovers
  • Users who do not use cryptocurrencies normally, but are music lovers
  • Non-crypto users looking to get started in this world (we have many video tutorials in spanish, now looking for build the same path in native english)
  • Musicians (Who do not know anything about cryptocurrencies)
  • Small artists / regular social media influencers, etc

-The main objective is to create a large user base on Musicforlife and start to develop this brand outside of HIVE, creating dapps, NFTs projects, and having alliances with other projects. A clear example of this is Rising Star (@risingstargame), our biggest partner, which is a game built on Hive based on music, the same one that has been helping us with its voting power to reward, from the beginning to the users in the community.

In our proposal there are two types of problems that we are going to review, the external ones (outside the Hive Blockchain) and the internal ones (on the Hive Blockchain).

There are actually a lot of problems in trying to bring non-crypto users into the world of cryptocurrencies and that includes problems like:
a) Crypto seems to be so difficult to use and even understand.
b) They don't know how to relate this new technology to something that already exists.

We know LEO is doing not a only good job but an amazing incredible job in doing this task bringing new users to power of the blockchain hive and the 2nd layer, we want to contribute too.

Also, there are many groups of Fans (speaking of the Music niche) out there who do not know anything about crypto-verse and how their interactivity on other social media can be rewarded in a decentralized way.

On the issues within hive, we've been seeing a lot since the idea for MusicForLife was born.

The first is that Hive fails as a good place to reward our users' activity, and that is why tribes like LeoFinance had an excellent development bringing a new niche experience instead of the general Hive blog.

The second is that theres no an "universal niche" to attract new users (crypto and non-crypto) to Hive. What we mean by universal niche is a topic that anyone can talk about.

And last but not least is the fact that normally tribes just stay at that, in tribes. We believe that a tribe is just the beginning of a good project because new sinks and dapps are necessary to add value to this new ecosystem that is being created in the second layer of the hive.


At first glance it is obvious that we are going to use hive's second layer blockchain to create our Tribe, which includes the scotbot and all that stuff. Surely that's the plan, but our goal is that after x time and ASAP, we can start developing new sinks / use cases for our token on other Blockchains.
We mainly focus, at least in the beginning, on Hive-like Blockchains, like WAX. We will use the power of your NFTs to introduce the concept of music from our tribe to your blockchain. Although it sounds somewhat complex, it is something that is already happening, an NFT can be used to unlock a file of a song made by an artist for example.

we are the same cofounders of an incredible new hive experience called @hashkings


The Musicforlife token will be called VIBES (it is already listed in hive-engine, although it cannot be traded yet) and will have the following specifications and economy:

  • Initial supply of 100k tokens
  • 21 million maximum supply
  • An inflation for the proof of brain of 1 token every 19 hive blocks, which will be reduced by 21% every 2,100,000 Hive blocks (approximately 2 and a half months). 5% of those rewards will go to the development of Musicforlife and 288 tokens (VIBES) will be distributed among the miners every day.

Percentages of the distribution of the initial tokens

  • 10% Rising Star Team (@risingstargame) for your constant help.
  • 10% @spinvest for your contribution to finance the project.
  • 40% Destined to the community (airdrop initial)
  • 20% Influencers and marketing
  • 20% Musicforlife development team (insta-staking)

As you can see the tokens are totally descentralized, as community and influencers will get around the 60% of initial supply.

About the airdrop you still have time to start posting to the musicforlife community at peakD. The platform will be launched in the following days on a minimum viable product, then the airdrop will be carried out and we will start working from there on the visual part. You can now start buying VIBESMINERS on hive-engine as we are not selling any of the VIBES tokens.

thanks @risingstargame and @spinvest


you still have some time to start posting on our musicforlife community on peakD to be elegible in the initial airdrop. We will reward all our early adopters who trust in our project months ago and now too.

Just need to start posting and you will be part of the aidrop, more old activity more participations, please dont spam the community :)



There will also be 21000 VIBESMINERS (MAX SUPPLY) that will get distributed every day 286 tokens (12 tokens per hours between 20 winners), you can acquire them in hive-engine at a price of 1.50 HIVE. Whose sale will be used on the musicforlife development team


As you can see, the scarcity is one of the pillars of this project and that is that there will be a reduction in inflation reward by 21% every 2.1 million blocks (every 2 months more or less) and from day 1 we will work on creating use cases, NFTs collections, small dapps to add value to the coin.


With all the important points of the project explained, I would like to thank you for your attention and encourage you join our adventure, if you like the world of music and are also interested in the project, dont lose your chance Hoping to update the progress that we are making along this new path, I say goodbye.

Good vibes everyone.




TRIBE (not live yet, but you can start posting on the community to participate in the airdrop)

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I wish you all the best with this tribe approach - we spoke briefly about it weeks ago and our music community is not mad at you at all, we might indeed have different approaches towards this. Hopefully we can co-exist and remain good relations.

totally! In fact, any post created from your community that is included in the tribe will be well received, we will be supporting everyone! Anyway, I meant that maybe we work differently, and that could instead help make things more difficult. but it is simply because in academia libertad team we are crazy xD

thanks bro!! let me know if we can help you with something

Sounds good. I learned about the community through Rising Star and I believe it will be good. We have quite a few musicians and they have their songs played during Radio Evolved. I don't speak Spanish so the English translated version would be preferred. I'll try to leave some comments every now and then.

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@edprivat @conversefiend @tygertyger @montycashmusic You folks might find this interesting

Thanks man, I'll check it out. Where is this 'music for life' community? Can't seem to find it. The link in the post is not a real link and it doesn't come up in a search.

Edit: found it

It's 'musicforlife' one word. Alright I'll have a look then.

they also have their own front end at

I was wondering about that myself...

Thx bro reading

yes thank you :)

Always good to see this. Glad you are taking the next step forward.

Music is a target market that is huge.

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we really appreciate the support! and sure we will make of this a TOP project on hive, and is not a promise is a FACT :) .

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That's the spirit buddy :)

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Congrats on getting the tribe up and running :-)

Interesante, ya somos parte de la comunidad :-)

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Check out the last post from @hivebuzz:

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Hive Tour Update - Communities

Esta comunidad será enorme.

vamos con todo!

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It's really nice to see how this initiative is growing! I was part of the community at the start and it pleases me to see that this now will have its own tribe. Best of luck for this!

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thanks!! will be a long and hard path surely

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Woohoo! Congratulations on the launch!


woohoo!! yeah we made it, and the support of rising star was amazing

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This is great news! I'll start posting my music in the musicforlife community - congratulations on getting set up looking forward to seeing how it goes!

Awww - you leave me in tear buddy but I understand your choice - all good!

Are you not involved in this @uwelang? I thought there was synergy with all the music communities on HIVE?

Hi mate - we aim for synergies of course and also curate music posts outside our community but not involved in this.

Ah sorry, I didn't realise that. I'll share music posts with both communities when I start doing them again - haven't done a music post for a couple of weeks, my music PC has been down and is in the clinic 🙁

hey guys you actually can keep posting in the uwelang community, and use our tag to be involved in the tribe too. Love to the blockchain

Ah that's great to hear, thanks for the info. Does the tag #musicforlife need to be in the first 5 for it to appear in community/tribe front end?

i havent tried to use it in the 6th to 10th, so i think that may yes

Buen proyecto! A petarlo en Hive! Contais con mi apoyo! Slds!


While I applaud the new token and different approach, I would like all the music communities to amalgamate else we are going to have heaps of them. I post my music here in @uwelang's area.

You should talk to each other and try and do some merge. Love the token idea, but hate the segregation.

Well, more than anything we have a different style of work, and perhaps joining together will make it less efficient how we want to carry out development. Besides more bureaucracy, I think uwelang has a great community!

The thing is, where do I post my music content now? On @uwelang's community or yours? You see the dilemma?

Do not feel forced to use my community, I am not married with it however I appreciate all that use it.

why not both? i mean you can post from the uwelangs community and put the musicforlife tag, and the post will appear in the tribe and will be elegible for both rewards :)

Sure, I can do that. I hope all these music communities can work together. There is power and strength in co-operation.

Great, I've been wanting amusic related front end...will you be able to make it so we can upload mp3s/audio files? Thats really whats missing, the ability to store the music on the chain! Thanks and good luck

Nice surely in a future stage, let me save that suggestion in our discord. we will be doing a lot of development constantly

I'm in! Finally got to join a project at it's inception and what a wonderful one it is. The only question is how are upvotes going to work since no one has any VIBES?

Music is indeed life and I'm already planning my first post. Rock On!


well actually @spinvest, @risingstargame, the @al-gaming team has vibes plus other users that are part of the marketing bounty. Eh that will last only a few days as we are gonna do an airdrop of 40k vibes between the community that has posted. We havent did yet because we wanted to give a more window time to be involved :)

Maybe 2-4 days more and the airdrop will be done

I'm soooo excited for this! Thank you everyone working to make this happen!

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omg thanks!! lets do this a top project.. well actually we are in the top hive-engine tokens today haha

I saw that! right next to LEO. how cool!!

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Music can be best enjoyed with a glass of !WINE

I wish you many success with this new tribe!

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Just got my first vibesminers. Good luck 🎉

It all sounds very good, Hive really needed a music tribe too. I think the project will definitely develop well.

Glad I am here early . Gonna buy some tokens and miners too if possible and be an early adopter .

Will post stats and related data regarding musicforlife every week :) good luck sir.

This is epic. I guess I've been away from the music community here for the past few months doing mostly 3d sculpting and gaming and blockchain/crypto stuff because this is the first I've heard of music for life but I am all over this like a fly on poop. I've really been waiting for a well oiled music tribe to pop up. the hole left by steemit open mic was never really filled. that community was really awesome and shows what kind of potential there is for a music tribe on this blockchain.

ps just bought myself a nice little stack of vibesm ;) Go team.

Big fan of music.
Glad you guys are coming out in the foot step
of #leofinance.
Big shoes to fill
Success should be the moto of this tribe.


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I love the tokenomics of the project! This is awesome! I had not seen anything about this before! Can’t wait to make something fresh to give you guys! This is the music account for @thelogicaldude

yeah!! we will be waiting for your art, plus dont forget to post soon to participate in the initial airdrop of VIBES :)

I will get a post up today!

Best of luck for the project....

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I love this! !invest_vote

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