Token Burn Event #8

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Hello there. Our token burning event continues. It's been twelve weeks since we started our token burning event. But our multi-burning event has been going on for seven weeks. Every week I choose certain tribal tokens. I am performing the burning process by making a share. Thus, we slightly reduce the supply of said tokens. You can learn the data of the previous week from the post below. You can also check the link of the relevant share from the tribal sites where the token was burned. You may want to take a look at the income generated by the @null account from the related post.

This week we light up LEO, POB, VIBES, SPORTS, CENT, PAL, STEM, NEOXAG and ARCHON. You get curation rewards for voting for this post. But I will burn 75% of my income. I added @null account as 75% beneficiary. By burning some of these tokens, we will make a small contribution to increasing their value. See you at new events.


Null burn much coin

Exactly. But it is necessary.


Nice burn 🔥! Keep it up

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. We will continue.


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Thank you :)



@anadolu! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @eirik.

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Thank you for your contribution.