My Riskiest Hive Crypto Move To Date

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First, let me start off by saying that I had reached my 5,000 Leo Power goal a few months ago and I've spend more than 1500 liquid Leo on Poly things.

But now, even though the market is bad, feel like doing something I've long wanted to do. I have been grinding out @risingstargame for a long time and have accumulated 500,000 starbits (about 150 hive currently) on my way to being a Starbits Millionaire which would allow me to press 1 button per day on a special mission that would earn me 10,000 starbits (approx 3 hive).

The rules are keep 1,000,000 starbits in your hive engine wallet and you can have this privilege once you are at least on Level 50 (currently I'm on level 71).

To me this sounds like a good deal. I can earn 3 hive per day and use the remainder of my powers to keep grinding away at Rising Star. Heck, it only takes 100 days to earn another 1,000,000 starbits and I have only earned half in 6 months.

Further, It would only take 50 days to rescue my investment. But here's the catch. I would need to sell my liquid Leo to do it. In fact that would leave me just short so I could sell my DEC to put me over the top.

Leo is very meaningful to me but I have reached my first Leo Power goal. I'm not sure how many hive starbits will be worth during this market but it will be worth something.

I truly believe hive will make it out the other side of the bear market. Leo too. But will Rising Star. I don't know, the game is a mystery to me but I click buttons all day so the thought of clicking a button and earning 3 hive is quite appealing to me.

If I pull the trigger, this will be the riskiest move I've made but probably turn out better than my $1,000 into Cub.

I'd love to hear thoughts in the comments. Does this plan make sense in general. Does it make sense as we crash? Or is this dumb?

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Cub is a long game. I don't think you can lay out any judgments on that quite yet. I am a Starbits Millionaire. It took a while to get there, but I did. I think if you like the game it is definitely worth it. How often do you buy packs? This definitely helps you get to 100K an those extra packs sooner.

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Nice to know you are a millionaire too. I don't buy packs. I do remember spending about $30 a while back on packs but that was it. I might just buy the cards that I want or need.

That's probably the safer bet now unless you are trying to Increase your mission earnings.

For me that was the easiest investment I made for a game. Its liquid vs staked. The ROI is crazy and allows you to easily recoup, or reinvest and earn more as you grow. I earn between 25-30k SB a day including the millionaire mission and was reinvesting it all for a long time. I had to pause as I sort out some other stuff in May but overall I think its a no brainer. Its an amazing way to grow your holdings or daily drips of Hive if needed, and has been pretty stable over the long run. !LUV !PIZZA

I want to recoup and then really start to play but it's difficult to learn strategy. It will be fun though. I can't believe you make that much starbit a day. That's awesome.

It could be a lot more. I decided for a long time to chase the collection and ranking, even though it was a horrible ROI. Now I just buy the cheapest fans and skills and run missions as hard as I can. More fans = more SB's. Each fan is roughly .002 SB increase on the base mission. Honestly my earning potential is low compared to the top earners, but I feel it is at a really nice place for now. I need to setup my long term plan and stick to it to make sure I keep a decent ROI.

Yeah I haven't bought fans or skills. I need to see what I have and how improving it will help me. I just learned not to do the same missions over and over that will help a lot. So much to learn and not a lot of tutorials out there.

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Dm me anytime we are several of the same discord servers. It's pretty easy to get a plan that works for you based on your time input available

thanks. Ill do that. I am heading into 2 weeks of work travel but then it's on!

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I think people care more about the games they play than much else. Go look at a chart of starbits vs almost everything else on hive (including leo) over the last several months. These months where owning crypto has been lackluster and painful games have been doing fine (with the exception of Splinterlands which would be doing fine if they'd stop oversupplying everything). I think everything is in danger of going belly up in these markets but games with followings probably have as good of a chance at surviving and thriving as anything else, if not better.

Only you can make the choice but I don't think it's nearly as irresponsible as others will.


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I like the idea of earning passive hive with that 1,000,000 mark. There are not a lot players over there but it's growing. Hopefully a down market wont effect them too much.

I have been playing @risingstargame for almost two years and I'm currently one of the people with STARBITS Millionaire Card. I can tell you that it has certainly been worth it so far. You will double your investment in 100 days of earnings. That is a very good deal.

Awesome. I'm just waiting for them to issue my card now. Cant wait.

It takes few days for them to issue the card. Be prepared to wait at least few days. Best of Luck!

I think it's a great move because you can sell off 10k each day and get your investment back. I think the fiat value of starbits have been more or less stable so I think the 365% APR is better.

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I have pulled the trigger. Need to wait a few days for them to issue my NFT but I'm going to sell off the starbits I earn until then in tranches of 10,000. I should earn at least 10,000 while I wait.

It's a good move man
The starbit millionaire has great ROI.
You don't actually have to spend your 1M Starbits so if you decide to bail, it shouldn't be too hard to dump it

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I haven't figured out the ROI yet only that it will take me about 50 days to recover the 500,000 I had to buy. Plus I will still make some from missions so even less.

For me, I believe this is a good move.
I don't see Starbits going lower than 0.0003 Hive anytime soon. The demand for the Starbits millionaire is currently high. :) What I see is up and not down.


Well, It even though it's passive I enjoy logging in and doing missions. I imagine it will be more fun as a millionaire.

Me too. I will one day get my Starbits millionaire status. I need to work on that 10K starbits a day earning from the game. :)

Just as you've said Hive and Leo will make it through the bear market, I think starbits will too seeing that it has such a promising background about earning that much at that level with a million of it.

But what I'm not sure about is you selling your Leo 😬 and you've agreed that Leo will make it through the bear market... What happens then? Except of course, starbits surprises you and make it worth the while after all

In all, I think it's cool... You have a good plan, you just have to think a bit more on it and decide for yourself 🙌

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well, I hit my Leo goal of 5,000 Leo Power and I will keep earning. I will buy leo back with the starbits I earn so it should only take 50 days or so.

Oh that's a good one then, all the best with it

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You have to make the best decision. 100% profit in 100 days is a very profitable investment. If the starbits price continues to stay at these levels, it will be very profitable to earn 10K starbits per day from 1 mission. Currently 10K Starbtis is worth about 3.4 HIVE. At the same time, 10K is about 18 LEO.

At this point, it's up to you to decide.

I can only say that I would not sell LEO and HIVE. It might be better if you have a chance to reach 1M with other tokens.

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