Why I am investing in time and money into $PIZZA - maybe you should take a closer look?

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I do not know how I stumbled on $PIZZA, I think probably someone left me a !PIZZA tip of 0.1 pizza or something like that and then ended up in the discord chat. I am new to hive and am still working it out so this is in no way at all financial advice. I am a musician but I also run a business. I think those two things tend to go with creative investment strategies but also to go with the vibe you get with something. Also the current applications of pizza are high and will soon become higher, what you will be able to do with pizza is going to make it one of the most versatile and most useful tokens on the block chain. I will outline some of the many benefits they already have and some of the things coming soon. This is not my project and I do not understand all of it and there are definitely things I don't know. However I am pretty sure once you have read this, you will pop down to the shop and buy yourself a little bit (or alot of $PIZZA)


How $PIZZA got me out of the blockchain

I hold quite a few Hive engine tokens across the board, a few BRO, a few Utopias and things like that. I have got lots of small amount of tokens in my wallet I do not know what they do! However $PIZZA is the first token I have held that has allowed me to do something outside of the Hive blockchain. I bought a game. Yes I know it is only a computer game but this in itself means that $PIZZA is already bridging the gap between the "The real world" and Hive. This is very significant for me of where $PIZZA is going.


Rewarding people with $PIZZA

It is a simple thing but a nice thing that you can reward people with !PIZZA. It is a nice thing to do and helps to share the !PIZZA love!

share the pizza love.gif

The website

Just having a quick look at the website you can see that @thebeardflex and @hivetrending are on it. You can also see where they are going. If you have not had a look then have a look now and you will see. the PIZZA crew want to bring people into Hive this is definitely a good thing and makes this even more a project worth supporting.


Earning VFT with $PIZZA

You can also earn VFT with your $PIZZA if you put it in farms. This is early development but soon you will be able to buy NFT and VFT with these tokens. You can all ready buy some art one and a few Stick Up Boys ones..... https://vftlab.finance/


The discord Channel

The discord channel is a great place to be, friendly and supportive. What they are also doing in there is working on discord BOTS so that things are easy, these bots are great and are linked with Hive. You can use them to find all sort of things out about your five account. They are constantly developing this.

Bot commands

bal : Print HiveEngine wallet balances
bals : Print HiveEngine wallet balances
blog : Link to last post from blog
farms Print $PIZZA VFT Farm deposits
gif Drop a random GIF!
help Shows this message
history : Print recent HiveEngine token trade history
info Print Hive.Pizza project link
prefix : Print and change bot's command prefix
price : Print HiveEngine market price info
source Print my source code location
tokenomics : Print HiveEngine token distribution info
top10 : Print HiveEngine token rich list top 10

Tech development with value to Hive

|his is not my forte or something I understand but they have developed an extension for google or brave which helps you find links in hive. I know they are doing other things but I do not quite understand them. They have already started a clear coding blog to support people which you can find here @learncode




You get rewarded by holding $PIZZA, guaranteed if you are in the top ten plus lots of others too. I see that last week I got 377.19 $PIZZA as a reward....that is pretty amazing!

User Balance PIZZA
@wine-token 14734.17 1326.07
@dadspardan 7000.80 630.07
@stickupboys 4191.03 377.19
@brofundholdings 3964.55 356.80
@hivetrending 3473.29 312.59
@roger.remix 2515.70 226.41
@juanmiguelsalas 2240.10 201.60
@globetrottergcc 2124.71 191.22
@efastromberg94 1911.83 172.06
@johannpiber 1752.76 157.74

The future

I am not sure all the things they are going to be doing in the future but game servers is one as well as introducing a governance token. However the thing I am most excited about it selling music for $PIZZA as that is something that could support me as a musician earning money....bringing me real value on the block chain!

You can see some of the posts here: @thebeardflex


**Summary **

I think I am currently the 4th highest Pizza holder. I am worried that by writing this I will soon not be in the top ten as people will invest! I like feeling part of the Pizza crew, they are hard working, helpful and innovative. I think the project will ultimately add a lot of value to the block chain as well as onboarding many new users if you want to know more join the discord https://www.discord.gg/3UEWVDdZ5G or talk to @thebeardflex. Have a look and if you feel the same way then buy some $PIZZA to support the project.


the Stick Up Boys
https://linktr.ee/StickUpBoys![StickupboysLogo 2.png]


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It seems to be a project with more utility and greater ambitions than some others. And who doesn't like !PIZZA ?

Exactly who doesn't like Pizza!
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@stickupboys! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @steevc.

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thanks for sharing I like project we have to keep an eye on how it evolves !LUV

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Thanks for the info, I keep wondering if I should invest or hodl some of these tokens and posts like these help provide me with answers. Thanks 👍

PS: would have loved to see you eat that pizza with the mask on in that GIF😂

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Yes that would be amazing to do...could cut a mouth hole in the mask

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Hahaha 😅


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!PIZZA looks like an interesting project. The best crypto communities all have or had tip bots as it is a great way to let people know about the token who aren't already a part of the system.

I'm surprised Hive doesn't have anything like that but I suppose it is the difficulty with creating a wallet for users who may or may not come to Hive.

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It is definitely an interesting project and very active! I do not know about how to add bots and things lol but this is the latest post https://peakd.com/hive-150329/@thebeardflex/new-hive-discord-bots-video-game-servers-and-rewards

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I see that last week I got 377.19 $PIZZA as a reward

Blimey. As you say . . .

that is pretty amazing!

But they you are fourth in the owners league. 😁

There are just so many opportunities around here these days. There's no way to keep up with them all. Pizza is an interesting one with so much already developed and much in the pipeline.

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Well written, Although your son has some cues as to why your "HEAVY" invested in pizza lol :D

That is true he love pizza and can see the value to him! He is a smart boy

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nice one---sounds like a party!

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