Event Announcement: Introducing Hive Engine Tokens

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Hello there. As you know, I talked about something while sharing Cent Token's announcement texts. One of our goals was to familiarize users of the Hive Blockchain with the Hive engine. Hive community, Hive-engine.com, Tribaldex.com, Leodex.io etc. to make them use apps more. I decided to organize an event for this purpose.

During the event, you can promote your favorite tokens created using the Hive Engine infrastructure. You can mention a few coins in a post, or you can promote the tokens you like one by one by creating a few posts. You can use any title you want. You can choose the content style you want. You can use any tags you want. Only using the symbol of the tokens you are promoting as a label will be more beneficial in terms of traceability. Our event will continue throughout the month of August. Your participation will make me extremely happy.

We have a few rules;

  • Content must be published on this community page. So the post must be created in the CENT Community. Thus, we can easily follow and evaluate the contents.
  • Quotations can be made in accordance with general ethical rules. Only completely copied content should not be published.
  • You should appeal to users who have never used or used the Hive Engine very little. Your narrative language should be as simple as possible.

Participation incentive:
I will vote for the shares of the users participating in the event from the curator accounts according to the likes. I think other CENT curators will attend the event and vote.

So more and more users will enjoy Hive Engine, projects, tokens, tribes, NFTs, liquidity pools, decentralized cryptocurrency trading etc. will have known. We will contribute to benefiting more from the opportunities and conveniences offered by the Hive Blockchain.

More such events will follow. Our aim; The more active the Hive community is, the more users the Hive blockchain will reach. See you at new events.

I am listing the shared posts in the collection I shared the link below.


Such a nice event, I would love to support in curating the posts with you.

Thanks for your efforts 😌

Thank you for expressing your opinion and for your contribution. I hope it will be effective.

Great idea!
But how you bring the message to those users? Most likely they are not even aware about the CENT community.

Hello there. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It reaches the followers of the users who share. Users who share are using the relevant tags. The tag reaches its followers. It is added to the archive to appear in search results. I will also create and share a collection of posts. It's better to organize an event than to do nothing.

Thank you for an awesome post

I thank you for your comment.

Huginn´s watchful eyes will fly ower this event, curating with his small but growing curation acount from the north!

Hope it helps :) Good luck.

My entry to this event: My favorite Hive Engine tokens.

Thanks. Let's take a look :)

Very good idea! I'll see if I can come up with something!

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Thank you. I hope participation will come and it will be useful.

Thank you for your participation. You can be sure that your post will contribute to other users.



@anadolu! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @yems.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at hive.pizza (3/10)

Seems like a wonderful idea, I'll have to see if I can pop something together. I'll check to see if the token I am thinking about hasn't already been mentioned.

Thank you. I'm listing new posts as they come to the collection I've shared the link to below. You can check it from there.

good to know. great event! here some !LUV






@anadolu, you've been given LUV from @menzo.

Check the LUV in your H-E wallet. (1/10)

Thank you.

This is an interesting event ... I don't know many Hive Engine tokens well and this may be an opportunity to learn something more

I agree. As new posts arrive. We can learn what tokens do.

Thank you for the information. I will read more about DeFi on hive. And tag my friends.

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Thank you for your contributions.

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