Token Burn Event #7

last year (edited)
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Hello there. Welcome to our traditional token burning event. This week we are sharing the seventh event. Last week, because of my work, I shared on Saturday. Rewards will arrive at 31.08.2021 GMT+0 5.46. You can see the data in the post, the link of the post on tribal sites, and the Hive Blocks data of @null account.
This week we're burning LEO, POB, VIBES, SPORTS, CENT, PAL, STEM, CINE and ARCHON. You earn your curation rewards for voting on the post. However, I will burn 75% of the rewards I get. I added @null account as 75% beneficiary. Thus, we will slightly reduce the supply of said tokens. Thus, we will take a small step towards increasing the price of tokens. See you in new posts. Let's warm up.