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today, for #RockClassics, by @uwelang, we will mark the memory of a true #RockStar, who passed away, exactly 31 years ago.

Freddie, the vocals, and not only, from the legendary band called Queen, passed away on a sad day of November. For me, he was one of the biggest voices who ever lived.

I could long about his life, his ever search of true love, which might have found it, in a woman that stayed by his side, even if he was attracted to the other gender.

But will not, will want only to cherries his memory and the great gifts he left us, namely his music. Imagine most of the events end with one of his songs.

Also, in most places of the world, he is known, or somebody has heard of him or his music.

But in the end, who wants to live forever...

Thank you Freddie for the music!!!

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