#RockClassics - Happy birthday, Dave Grohl!

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for #RockClassics, the # tag by @uwelang, we have a Dave Grohl day.

Why? Because it is his birthday, and he is a #RockStar in every way you look at him.

Who is Dave Grohl? If you know Nirvana, you know him, just watch the drums.

After Nirvana disbanded, Dave Grohl started Foo Fighters, which as a band does a pretty good job. Managed to survive the grunge age and transitioned also in different types of rock.

My favourite song from them is Walk, not only because of the music but also on the cool video which reference to Falling Down, the film with Michael Douglas.

He is good as a frontman, but I like him when goes savage at the drums. As he is a complete artist, he shows that can play in different projects, like here with the late Lemmy and Slash with the iconic Ace of Spades.

Or with Steven Tyler and Slash.

He does music, this is it. Like the video on top, to understand the awesomeness of it, I need to explain it. The other singer is Taylor Hawkins, the actual drummer of Foo Fighters, who is named Taylor after Roger Taylor, the drummer of Queen. On drums, we have Rufus Taylor, the son of Roger Taylor, and they play a superb song from Queen.

Foo Fighters even brought a disco album of covers from Bee Gees, under the band name Dee Gees.

Will close with a song that was already in, but this version fits as a closer as in the band play some legends. A band which reunites Led Zeppelin, Queen & Foo Fighters.

Thank you, Dave! Happy birthday!

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Happy birthday and... have you already seen this? ;)

happy birthday

He does music, this is it.


Loved this entry, thanks so much!

Happy birthday! Rock on!

I love everlong! Yeah happy birthday to him!!! Fantastic musician

Happy Birthday.
He is one of my favorite artists. I have tickets to see them in Madrid in June. I'm disdaining since two foo Fighters tours in Spain in which I had purchased tickets were suspended. This time.... yes!!!!