#Rockclassics - Today in 1965 - Jimi Hendrix signed his first contract

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for the #RockClassics of today, the # tag by @uwelang, we go back to 1965, one of my favourite singers, Johnny Allen Hendrix, known as James Marshall "Jimi" Hendrix, signed his first recording record.

It granted him $1 and 1% of the selling volume.

It was not the best deal, and the partnership with Ed Chalpin ended sooner than expected. The contract chased him on his short but intense life span, till his death in 1970.

Nevertheless, without this, we would have not experienced Jimi as we know him. It would have been a total different story and who knows, maybe he would have not got famous.

He sadly passed away too soon, like all the club 27 members. All of them have left a great mark on our music and culture. Jimi revolutionized guitar playing, an instrument that he learned alone, by experimenting with it.

Enjoy listening!

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