A Bit of Vibes Token Trading

6 months ago
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Hello, hive music people!

I decided to do a bit of a post about my latest round of Vibes and Vibes miner trading. I wanted to write the post here on Music For Life, because Vibes is the token for this community.

I've been posting on the steem platform a couple of times a week to earn steem to use for trading for other tokens on Hive-engine and the newer Tribaldex platform. Both platforms are supported by the same devs with Tribaldex being kind of a newer version of Hive-engine, as far as I understand it. Please correct me if I'm wrong about that.
Yesterday, I transferred a bunch of steem to Tribaldex to use to trade for other tokens such as Bee and Vibes. I would use more hive from my account, but I've been powering most of that up to grow my account.

I came a bit late to this platform so I missed out on the airdrop for Vibes. That means I have to either buy or earn the Vibes that I want to hold. Yesterday, the price of Vibes was still up so I decided to buy a few more miners. The cost of a Vibes miner right now is 4.5 hive each. The first miners that I bought when I first heard about the token were 3 hive each, but those are all sold, leaving me with the higher price per.

I had originally bought 10 miners at 3 hive per because that's all the spare hive I had at the time. Last evening, after I had transferred the steem, I decided to buy 20 more miners, after first trading steem for hive. So now I have 30 miners. Not very many compared to some other accounts holding them, but the best I can do right now.

Tonight, I went to the Tribaldex website just out of curiosity to check on my holdings, and I noticed that the value of the Vibes token had gone down. I'm guessing it went down because of people selling it off for profit. That does happen...

I decided to check the price, and it looked pretty good, so I ended up getting 25 more Vibes, which I then staked. I'm going to be staking my Vibes because that's how they hold value.

I actually sold off some of my weed tokens that I had liquid to add to my hive holdings on Tribaldex to help with getting some other tokens such as Vibes. I have 2300 weed staked, and I plan to still hold them. Selling off some liquid weed tokens just helps me get more Vibes to improve that stake.

So anyway, I now have 67 Vibes staked, not too bad for having to buy it on a low budget. I'll get more as I can.


Well, that's all I have for this post, thanks for stopping by to check it out!

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A mining we will go, right? Those miners can really start stacking those VIBES tokens as you put more of them to work!

So glad you're supporting the community and seeing the value at hand. At some point, I've gotta get back in there and write my next post. Cheers!

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Keep going man, the main thing is consistency. Look forward to your progress.

Nice job! Yeah, the price took a bit of a dump after the airdrop when the weak hands sold theirs instead of staking them. I staked all of mine because I post to this community once a week and I really dig it. I am happy to support them. I bought a bunch of miners too.

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