Favorite Songs From Talent Shows, #1

14 days ago
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Hello, hivers and music lovers!

I've been wanting to do a series of posts about some of my favorite music from the various talent shows that have been on TV recently. Most of my favorite performances are from the first auditions from shows like "The Voice" and the various "Got Talent" shows. In this post, I'd like to show you my 3 favorite auditions from The Voice Norway, 2021, with a 4th audition thrown in for good measure.

For my first pick, I'd like to offer you this video for your viewing pleasure. The singer is Maria Petra Brandal, and for her audition she sang a song that she wrote herself. This is probably the most emotional of the auditions in the 2021 season, at least in my opinion.
The judge Matoma seems to wear his emotions close to the surface. He is a well known producer and musician, at least in Europe.

My second favorite audition from the 2021 season is Maria Marzano singing a cover of the Billie Eilish song "No Time To Die". I think she really does the song very well! I've seen this particular audition several times now, and I still get goosebumps when she sings this song.
Also, I really like her style!

My third selection for my favorites is Natan Dagur singing a cover of the song "Bruises" by Louis Capaldi. Natan does a really impressive cover of this song. You can read more about Natan Dagur's background in the comments for the video.

For my bonus selection, here's Frode Vassel doing a cover of the song "Into The Unknown" by the band Panic! At The Disco, and used in the movie "Frozen 2". Frode makes the high notes look effortless!

That's all I have for this post. I hope that you've enjoyed my first post in this series, I'll be back with the next one soon.

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