Token Burn Event #12

last year (edited)
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Hello there. New Token burning event :) We are a little happy today. Hive Price set a record once again. We all know that the real value of Hive is higher than $1. But things work a little differently in the market. Anyway. Let's come to our topic.

Last week, I announced that I will be sharing the token burn from a different community page each week. We are at Musicforlife Community this week. This week we are burning LEO, POB, VIBES, SPORTS, CENT, PAL, STEM, NEOXAG CTP and SPT. You will continue to receive curation awards for voting for this post. But I will burn 75% of my income. I added @null account as collaborator.

You can review the data of the post I shared last week here. You can access the data from the link of the post on the tribal sites and by reviewing the @null account. See you in new posts.


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