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2 years ago
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Hello Community

Game 830.JPG

VIBES is still holding nicely against HIVE, which is great, and you can see 2 nice orders of buy orders supporting the price which is great to see...


Game 831.JPG

currently at 2566, which is still far away from 10k, but I am getting closer day by day...
End of year, I plan to get to 10k VIBES Power.

Announcement Channel

Game 832.JPG

There will some awesome screenshots of the new UI which I think is cleaner and gives VIBES its own identity which is quite cool.

However, it is the second part which I am quite excited about:

Farm NFTs using vibes

That is an awesome and amazing thing if it were to happen.

If it were to happen I hope that those NFTS have the following characteristics:

  • Awesome Art
  • Scarcity
  • Massive Utility

The 3 things mentioned above are the main things that generally make an NFT valuable, and if we can farm those kind of NFTs that would be cool.

In addition to that, what would be awesome is a metaverse, or digital lands. However, that is something for the future.

Hope you enjoyed the post.
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That's a nice target and VIBES are still cheap compared to HIVE so well done on getting to over 2k already! I'm closing in on 1k by the end of the month hopefully! Looking forward to the new UI too - keep staking!

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good work! nice to see the vibe is strong....
Uploading image #1...

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