Rising Star Game + Music4Life: New Giveaway starting today... 1k Starbits to 3 winners and 1 VIBE to another winner daily - Day 5

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Hello Community

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It is Day 5 today! Hope you are stacking your VIBES or doing whatever you plan for it. VIBES has been quite stable recently perhaps a small dip.

However I am still aiming to stack more of it.

Lets go on with the giveaway!

Lets go!

How did I pick the winner.

I tried to use https://picker.steemify.me/ to pick the winner again. However, I still can not get it to work. So I will be choosing winners who comment on the previous daily giveaway post randomly.

The winners!






1000 Starbits will be going your way.

So that is a total of 3000 Starbits giveaway.

And the winner for the 1 VIBES is...



It will be sent to you soon. lets go!

Lets kick off this today's giveaway


Anyone can pariticipate, not just limited to my Referrals

I will be giving away 1000 Starbits daily to 3 random users on a daily basis. So 3000 Starbits in total. However, sometimes I change it a bit.

In addition, I will be giving away 1 VIBE token to another winner.

So there is 3+1 winner daily!

How to enter

  • make a comment ( does not have to be long, you can just mention your favorite rising star card or anything)

and that is it!

You can like the post too, but that is completely optional.

I will choose the winners randomly, with a random number generator.

I know 1000 starbits is not a lot, but it can be used to purchase some cards you need in game. The give away amount may be adjusted going forward.

Do not be sad if you did not win, I will try to upvote as many comments as I can so that you get some VIBES at least.


Do you also want to test out the RisingStar game?

The game is in beta now.

Always do your own research before you put money in a game

If you interested in testing out the game:
Here is the referral link.


I get 1 Starbit for every mission that you complete. But you don't have to use my referral link if you don't want to. No Stress :)

Hope you enjoyed the post.
Like, comment and follow
Have a great day!

Posted via MusicForLife.io

Posted via MusicForLife.io


anotame para el proximo porfa , saludos y suerte a todos

Felicidades a los ganadores me gustaria participar en tu sorteo.

estan geniales tus sorteos cuenta me gustaria participar

I'd like to play please!

count me in!



@apprentice001! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @trentonlundy1.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at hive.pizza (5/10)

Hi I'm a free to play player in rising star. I would like to participate in this giveaway.

Congratulation to the winner.

Please count me in for the next give away.

Count me in again

Thanks for your contest, please list me for the next :D!

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Thank you very much for the prize, I want to participate in the next one :D

I want to participate again!

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Thank you very much! I am just starting with #risingstar but looking forward succeed! I don't have a favorite card yet as I don't have any yet XD Hope I am able to participate and luckily get a few extra STARBITS to buy my first cards.

good morning! count me in please

I would like to be in the next giveaway.

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Wooo! Thank you! Count me in for another spin please