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RE: I now have 1,000,000 STARBITS on my Hive Engine wallet! 😎

7 months ago
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Congratulations. you are going good :)

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Thanks for your encouragement.

You might want to play #RisingStar. It's free to play. Cards which increase your Fans and Skill are optional for you to earn and withdraw STARBITS.

Yes i heard about. I am looking for free time to join πŸ˜‰

If you join #RisingStar using somebody else's referral link, your referrer will earn 1 STARBITS token for every regular Mission that you complete in the game.

Have another !PIZZA.

Hmm Good. means i should join to someone referral?

You joining #RisingStar using a referral link will only benefit the referrer, but you won't be losing anything either.

Have yet another !PIZZA.