⭐ Rising Star tip of the day! - And win a card! 🎁

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Today's tip is:



In case you already have saved 10K Starbits, the time to buy and open the pack is now! If you wait more days, it's wasted time without the stats you could have gotten with the new cards.

The only reason to wait a few days would be if the month is almost over and you want to try with the new cards that will be released. Or, if you can get 100K Starbits soon enough to buy a dozen.

Now let's open a dozen packs...

Check carefully, the prize comes from here!













Giveaway time!

For this dozen I will give away one card common or rare, ANY CARD! (except for production instruments, since those are the lessons I make)

  • Leave in the comments the card you want.
  • Why you want it.
  • Your Rising Star username.

I will pick a winner using wheel of names within the next 1 or 2 days 😀

Good luck!


First! Yeah!
I wold like the R41 Storm card, I really like the design!
RS username: ceheran
Good vibes!

Hola, interesante post.
Si tendría que elegir una carta seria la R40 Touring coach, el por que es simple, no tengo vehiculos xD solo me gané un viejo cheap car de las misiones que completé, me hacen falta fans pues los que tengo son borrachos y se van jajaja xD
Mi usuario de Rising Star es planchero.
Mucha suerte en tu próxima apertura, espero te toquen mas legendarias! :D

R45 Mandolin
I need more luck, because I'm a beginner and I have few cards

I would like to choose R46 Guitar just like yesterday. I don't have this card in my collection and it also helps me when I need to do music lessons.

my username is @jfang003

Hey there.
I would love to get the i32 mid range guitar because it's a common I don't even have :)
My username is: hykss
Thanks for the giveaway ;)

Holy cow you got an epic card! Congrats. My last 12 pack not one epic or legend.

Hello, nice post, I would choose the R40 Touring because at the moment I am balanced with the ego and I am looking to increase my fans to win more starbits
RS: gooba

I would like R41 Storm, please.
Why? Because that's a sweet sweet card, which will surely improve my reward count!

RS Username: mimismartypants

I would like R46 Guitar because I collect those and I don't have that one yet. 😊

hello I loved your post, I will take your tip into account ... I would like to have any card, I am new to the game and I only have 1 card that is the one a player starts with, it would help me a lot! my username is @andresito9522

R47 Bolly Wood

I would like the touring coach because pretty soon I'm going to need a lot more fans to do the next missions in country tour.
My username is the same: proto26

I'd like the R46 Guitar.
I'm not a very experienced player and I let my ego get too high and now I'm having trouble bringing it down. The guitar would help with my music lessons :)
My username is tfranzini

I would like the Touring Coach because I really need more fans. I only have 460 or so from cards and can't do the missions I would like to.

My user name is @handtalk5

WINNER @andresito9522!





wow thanks 😄😄😄

i want the EI3 unidyne mic, why? because its a epic card lol!
my RS user is cibersk8 greetings!

The giveaway is for common or rare.

I want that John Card lol... just joking... awesome giveaway.
I would like to have the Storm card. I believe that is missing from my collection at the moment. I plan to Collect all the Character card. Opening 12 packs soon myself.

Hi! This giveaway is over, sorry

R40 Touring Coach .. I need fans!!!!
My username is mejiasclaudia