Nomadic DJ 003 Portable Scratch Sessions

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Hello everyone, Just sitting in the van and felt like setting up and messing around with some scratching tonight! Using the Improvise Wisely 7" inch scratch vinyl on one of my custom Numark PT01 Scratch turntables. This turntable is a 7" portable turnable than can run on batteries or 12 volt power which makes it my weapon of choice for #vanlife and #portablism

This is a short 2 part set. Beats are from the Mixfader App Looper library on the iPod Touch.

Hope you enjoy! I am really feeling getting some content produced and going for the #musicforlife community on the Hive blockchain!

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Feel the Groove~

Groove Logic
aka @thelogicaldude

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Nice, i have yet to see any skratch heads here. ..i just found this at a flea market this weekend, brand new for 25$...cant really scratch on it, very wobbly platter (maybe ill test a skipless record for fun), but definitely more portable than my vestax and the price was right

Yeah those are just made for listening. My daughter has one. I tried to mess around with some 12 inch vinyl on my table, but yeah, no go, lol.

Damn what a STEAL

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