🎸✨Rising Star Game : Current Status and Giveaway - Day 9✨🎸

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Hello All Music and Rising Star lovers,

Hope you all are doing good and setting new records in this game.


We got 18 participants for this giveaway and the tool has chosen below names :


Congratulations on winning 1000 Starbits.

I used this tool to pick random user:



Rules of next giveaway participation :

  • Add a comment to this post if you want to participate.

  • Reblog and Upvote is not mandatory but would be appreciated as symbol of support.

  • Please follow me so that you don't miss the next giveaway.

  • Please remember to mention your HIVE user id in comment

I will choose a random user and giveaway 1000 Starbits.

If you are not playing the game and want to earn Starbits token, you can use my referral link

My current Stats:

I finally unlocked all band members and now looking forward to unlock a manager and have started doing Country Tour Missions.

Are you able to unlock any band members and how easy or difficult was it for you ?

  • Total missions - 2489
  • Current Level - 81
  • EGO - 0%
  • Number of Fans - 7715 (out of which 981 are drunk/temporary)
  • Total Skills - 13427 ( From Cards: 4814, From Lessons: 8613)
  • Luck - 1416
  • Income Modifier - 124
  • Total number of cards - 217

Calling out our participants once again

@cflclosers, @jfang003, @lokywolf2295, @irisworld, @supriya.gupta, @alejoca, @lacandela, @kuronokenshi, @javiss, @gurseerat, @minus-pi, @cooperclub, @specialfeelings, @zonadigital21, @ochedi, @nirvanero, @kursen, @dubble, @imfarhad, @amaillo, @flr25, @trentonlundy1, @ricestrela, @mimismartypants, @yeckingo1, @shiftrox, @skorfew, @gangstalking, @reiell1, @btcsam, @esperosh1ve, @globetrottergcc, @menzo, @silver-edge, @thaddeusprime, @tokutaro22, @trenloco, @wettini1975, @birdbeaksd, @zarwelius, @atifaman, @pelito, @rafasete, @tdctunes,



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Nice contest - please add me to the next one!


@harpreetjanda! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @tdctunes.

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Congratulations to the winner!
Please add me to the next draw!

Count me in forever..

Congrats to winners and count with me for next ones

Count me in for the next giveaway.

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Congratulations to the winner. count with me for next ones @yeckingo1

congrats trent! please count me in for the next draw :D @dubble

Grats to the winners - count me in for the next draw - @silver-edge

add me to the next draw!

Please count me in for the give away @supriya.gupta

Felicidades al ganador y sigo participando si se puede @lokywolf2295

thank you very much!!

@harpreetjanda! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @trentonlundy1.

Did you know PIZZA team has a curation trail with 29 followers? (2/10)

Congratulations to the winner, add me to the next draw
Thanks! @subidu

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Thank you for the contest username: lacandela

Add me for the next draw! @amaillo

Grats to the winner ! Count me for next one @trenloco too

add me for the next.

id love to participate once more!