Today I found a little treasure in a Mercatino dell'usato in Rimini!

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Today was a day to get out of the house. We went to visit several Mercatino dell'usato (Used Goods Market) as my girlfriend wanted to see if there were any interesting things.

These markets are very interesting to visit. It's like a parallel universe where there are all kinds of weird things in every square meter of the place, one next to the other without any kind of organization. It's as if the idea was to fill every empty space with something and it succeeds.

From radios, lamps of all kinds, mirrors, posters, home furniture, toys, glasses, ashtrays and various ornaments to clothes.

All from different periods, some almost new and others very used.

And of course, in these places there is also a space dedicated to vinyl records.

Today I ended up buying several interesting records at very good prices but the real treasure was found in the third and last market we went to. After searching for almost an hour in three huge rows of records and thinking I wasn't going to find anything interesting, my girlfriend noticed a small space next to some books with EP records (the small format records that rotate at 45 RPM) and, well, as it never hurts to check I told her to look and see if she could find something interesting.

About five minutes later I saw her wave her hand at me and show me a small black record. I didn't recognize it so she, seeing that I didn't react, said, "Metallica". I immediately ran to where she was and grabbed the little disc in my hands. I couldn't believe it, I had in my hands ...

... "Enter Sandman", the single from the opening track of Metallica's album "Metallica"(The Black Album). An original European copy from 1991 in very good condition!

Metallica Cover

Metallica Back Cover

On side A is the title track of the single and on side B if you notice there is a song called "Stone cold crazy". I guess you are wondering in which Metallica album is this song that many of you don't remember. Well, in none of their albums because this song is not from Metallica.

Metallica Side A

"Stone cold crazy" is a Queen song!!!

Metallica Side B

More exactly from their third album "Sheer Heart Attack", from 1974. Metallica made a version for a compilation in 1990 and decided to include it in this single as a bonus. For those who don't know, "Stone cold crazy" is considered by many critics and experts as the first "thrash metal" song 🤘.

This makes this single something very special!

And well, to conclude, when I went to pay for it the price it said on the label was 12 euros (very little for what it's really worth in that state) and I give the woman a 20 euro bill. She takes it and gives me back 11 euros, I turn to tell her that there has been a mistake, that she should only give me back 8 euros but before I started talking the woman tells me:

There is a 30% discount, it's only 9 euros.

Life not only gave me cheap a precious disk, but it even gave it to me with a discount! 😁🤣

Now it's time to clean the little treasure well because as you could see in the pictures it has a lot of dust accumulated. Who knows how long this little guy has been waiting for me?

And finally I leave you two YouTube videos with the two tracks of this Metallica single.


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