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RE: Risingstar !! To much EGO will kill reward !!

2 years ago
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Or should i buy NFT to increase my skill point?

I was at the same point. I took a two-way approach here, following both paths in parallel. not sure if it is the best solution:

  • buy instruments to increase the skill earned per music lesson. Piano was the best price-to-skill ration when I last did it, but that may have changed. Depends on what is available on the market. Then do music lessons.
  • buy characters with more skill than fans. This also depends a lot on what is available from the market.

From what I've heard, card packs give a good chance for instruments, but I'm not at a point yet where I can easily afford them...

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Wahh thanks for the tips. I thought buying instrument is just for luck. Bdw , how luck can help

There's a pretty good description in the RisingStar FAQ, see there for details.

Briefly: the more luck you have, the higher the chance for drunk fans and random cards. The higher the luck value of instruments, the more skill the corresponding music lessons will bring. There's a big list in the FAQ that shows which instruments help for which lessons.

Thanks again . It was so much help.