Wilhelm Karges, Fantasia 1 after Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck's Fantasia Chromatica

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Karges edited several pieces by Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck into more than one composition. He gives Sweelink's Fantasia Chromatica the same treatment. He bases at least two fantasia's in the manuscript on Swwelink's original. I say " at least" because there are two short fragments inserted in the manuscript that are probably bases on the Fantasia Chromatica as well. They are however probably not meant as independent compositions, but as ways to elongate one of the two large fantasias. Even in the first fantasia Karges based on Sweelink's Fantasia Chromatica, Karges indicates a way to skip a part of the first fantasia en continue in the second.


As I have often mentioned before, this manuscript is in my opinion Karge's main source for not choral bound music he used in service. And that's undoubtedly why he edited compositions by Sweelinck, Froberger en Scheidemann: the originals were too long, he needed music that was between 3 and 5 minutes long.

If you don't know Sweelink's original, I don't think you'd have the impression there is something missing.

Score available here: https://partitura.org/index.php/wilhelm-karges-fantasia-1-after-jan-pieterszoon-sweelincks-fantasia-chromatica

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