6 Records I Found This Weekend-80s and 90s Hip Hop, Dance and House Music

6 months ago
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Here are some records i found this past weekend at a couple used record stores- mostly dollar bin finds.


Fearless 4
"Just Rock"
Here is a single that is pretty much just rapping over Gary Numan's "cars
" i had never heard this one before, but will always grab any early 80s hip hop, as it is the best era for that genre.


Taerrie B
"Murder She Wrote"

wow, I've actually never heard of this one before...I'd say its a sounds like a mix between NWA and vanilla ice...but, you know-with a solo woman MC. Its certainly not the worst stuff i ever heard and she has decent flow and delivery but i think its safe to say she sounds...ugh, less than genuine? Also 1990 beats isn't my favorite sound-tends to be corny and dated sounding, in my ultra -music snob opinion . I guess she started a metal (?) band in 1993 but did eventually do another rap record in 2015-which is kinda techno goth sounding, kinda reminding me of DJ Swamp.

Home Team
"Back to the Bronx"

Im thinking that they are going for a tag team/ naughty by nature kinda sound here. This is actually a group with a member of poison clan and was released on luke "i can't legally call it luke skywalker records anymore" records(2 live crew).

Money No and Money Bee

Ha i bought this thinking it was a low key hip hop group, but it turns out to be some DEEP HOUSE. I don't normally listen to too much modern dancey type stuff, preferring my 80s and disco-but i thought this one sounds pretty good on my first listen! Im always down for some obscurities...

Novel f/ Kool G Rap
"He Can't"

Found another record with KOOL G RAP in the dollar bin (actually 2 copies in 1 sleeve) so i had to grab. It turns out to be a lot of "radio hook-y 2010s sound-far from my favorite, but ill grab anything kool g rap for a buck any day, as i would throw him up there as GOAT or definitely right there. So its kinda funky r and b number about "i can sex you better" or whatever and G comes in like"ill slay you like i just did 20 years in the yard" LEGENDARY

Leot Littlepage
"The Drain"

So this is a response record to oran juice jones "the rain" where they flip it around, i think the dudes gonna get flushed down the drain or something. i think the other response record i have was probably better, but this is probably weirder. i'd say we need more response records these days-but i guess thats what youtube is, really.

I hope you liked my post!

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YO! that Money No and Money Bee
"Why?" has gone straight in my basket nice finds!!!