I now have 1,000,000 STARBITS on my Hive Engine wallet! 😎

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I just recently obtained my 1,000,000th STARBITS token on Hive Engine! 😎

I wanted to get the STARBITS Millionaire Card in #RisingStar to be able to do the STARBITS Millionaire Special Mission which can be done once a day to get 10,000 STARBITS each time! πŸ˜…

(I just wonder how I can contact the @risingstargame team on Discord without me joining yet another Discord server.) πŸ˜…

I withdrew 290,000 STARBITS from my Rising Star account, and bought off the rest (710,000 STARBITS) from the Hive Engine Market with the help of my earnings on #Splinterlands plus extra DEC and SPS I bought from a friend! πŸ˜„

I bought each STARBITS at about $0.0025 each, which is about 150% higher than its pegged price of $0.0001. 😏

First off, I plan to use my earnings on Rising Star to pay off my loan (just joking here) get back part of my savings I used (to buy the DEC and SPS from my friend), then buy 10+2 packs of Rising Star 3-Card Packs for every 100,000 STARBITS I earn on the game. πŸ€” Occasionally, I would withdraw one or more 10,000 STARBITS when I need quick SWAP.HIVE to buy other Hive Engine tokens. πŸ˜…

😁 Thank you for reading! 😁

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For those who have noticed before they saw this comment, sorry for the #Splinterlands tag on my post. πŸ₯Ί

While I was typing the tags on the #MusicForLife frontend (https://musicforlife.io/), I pressed the Enter key on my keyboard, thinking it would save the tag (like how post tags are typed on the #Ecency and #PeakD frontends). I accidentally added the "Splinterlands" tag before the post itself got accidentally published because I very often post about my Splinterlands battles, and my last post about #RisingStar was more than 3 months ago. πŸ˜…

I was able to correct the tags within 3 minutes after the post was first published! 😎

Congratulations of becoming a millionaire.


Thanks for your encouragement and the !PIZZA.

I wonder when I would finally get my #RisingStar STARBITS Millionaire Card (if I don't join yet another Discord server).

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Congratulations. you are going good :)

Thanks for your encouragement.

You might want to play #RisingStar. It's free to play. Cards which increase your Fans and Skill are optional for you to earn and withdraw STARBITS.

Yes i heard about. I am looking for free time to join πŸ˜‰

If you join #RisingStar using somebody else's referral link, your referrer will earn 1 STARBITS token for every regular Mission that you complete in the game.

Have another !PIZZA.

Hmm Good. means i should join to someone referral?

You joining #RisingStar using a referral link will only benefit the referrer, but you won't be losing anything either.

Have yet another !PIZZA.

damn i try to collect 100k and now i see need 1 mill for that card

The name "STARBITS Millionaire" itself says that you need 1,000,000 STARBITS to make that Achievement and get the STARBITS Millionaire Card and be allowed to finish the STARBITS Millionaire Special Mission. It's not called "STARBITS Hundred-Thousandnaire".


Congratulations @savvyplayer We do however require you to come to our Discord to request the Starbits Millionaire Card.

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